Sunday Morning Modern

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 3.47.15 PMThe Playful Architecture of Andrew Geller | Yesterday, I was scrolling through our Pinterest pages for some thoughts on a post for today. As always I was drawn to Horace Gifford‘s architecture on Fire Island and thinking of the gay culture given the events of the week. However, that led me to a cool documentary called Modern Tide on the mid-century homes of Long Island. While I’m not showcasing the whole documentary this section on designer Andrew Geller is very inspiring given the combined desire for design  and innovative, affordable homes. Watch this nine minute segment and think about how this sense of efficiency and play could be applied to some fun little homes in the mountains. Do enjoy and have great Sunday!elkin

One response to “Sunday Morning Modern

  1. thegoodofthehive

    Love this post! Makes me want to go to Fire Island this summer! I was on the North Fork last summer in a friend’s mansion-like B&B… Some of that area is still relatively affordable compared to the Hamptons. Me and my ex almost bought a condo for $79k in The Fire Island Pines a gagillion years ago. Seemed like so much money back then for a summer place! Lol!

    PS. I love my new house!!!

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