Plywood | A Warm Material with Cool Applications

o-PLYWOOD-facebookPlywood was first introduced into the United States in 1865 from France. In 1928, the first standard-sized 4 ft by 8 ft sheets were introduced as a building material. Though it was used for many industrial and commercial applications it was generally used as base material for structure and form before being covered over with something more decorative.bo_050215_16-800x533

Today, plywood has come into its own as a visually striking surface for interior applications. An affordable alternative to solid wood, plywood is easy to shape, readily available and comes in textures ranging from the smoothest birch panels to mottled pressboard, and it’s taking center stage in everything from cafes, micro homes and modern cabins. Take a look at some applications on our Pinterest page here. Cheers!plywood-photographer-Lisa-Cohen


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