Sunday Morning Modern

Big0The Limitless Box | Architecturally speaking we at Modern Asheville appreciate a simple box along with many of our designer friends and clients. At a glance a rectilinear home with four walls and a flat roof may seem constrained, but can truly offer a great deal of efficiency, versatility and freedom. Having designed sets in a simple black box theater you know that you can truly do anything you want on the inside with minimal means. And for those of you who joined us at architects Maria and Jakob’s home this past spring you will call the richness and sophistication behind the simplicity of their own corten box home.Your basic ranch home offers this potential if you look past the plain exterior and existing wall configuration.  515 Residence3
Recently, husband and wife architects, Thad and Lindsey Rhoden of SPARC Design constructed a box of their very own. Seeking something different they avoided the competitiveness for a building lot in burgeoning East or West Asheville. Given their vision they could see potential in lots that seemed less desirable in the marketplace. They chose a lot hugging the edge of downtown that had been on the market for some time given the odd shape, access to sewer and rules regarding steep slope. Living Space
The constraints of the site and the project budget were variables out of which the design emerged. The overall house program was simple: create a minimal home that celebrates the main living space, winter views and prioritizes functionality over excess.Entry
Because there are condominiums directly across the street, they made the house private on the entrance side, and opened it up in the ‘rear’ of the house. The main living space is sunk a story below the road and that contributes to a private feel.515-Residence-BR
Lindsey says that they wanted the house to feel like a retreat far away, yet still close to town. “We have large patio doors and lots of windows and they are placed so that in the summer, we look out to the trees. It’s very peaceful with exception of some big windy rain storms of this past week.”
Thad states,“The house is pretty simple from the outside; it’s a box with a flat roof. We knew we had to keep the footprint small for cost purposes, and the steepness of the site means you’re not able to get a good look at the house from all sides. Our focus was more on the interior and making it feel open and inviting, and that extends outside with a large deck.”Rhoden Box
As experienced architects they knew that a large portion of the budget would go to site work to build on a steep site. As a result, they chose a lot of simple, accessible materials and then picked a few special elements including a big 84” Haiku fan (by Big Ass Fans), and a super tiny Duravit sink for the 1/2 bath.515-Residence-CS1
Thad and Lindsey, along with their new baby, are enjoying the freedom that their simple, but thoughtful, home allows them. What can first seem like constraints {a challenging site or a box} offers opportunities to focus on what is truly important and get the most out of minimal means. Cheers to you Thad and Lindsey!
{Want to see more homes like this? Visit our Pinterest page here.}

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