Kudos for the Dynamic Duo

d8085586-9665-480c-9ca5-ee8daaf4d0daWe received some sweet testimonials from clients this month that we just had to share. Cheers to our great clients and friends!

SELLER Jeff who left our community for, where else, Palm Springs has been a friend and long-term client with us. Thanks for singing our praises. We miss you! “I have worked with Kelly and Troy three times while in Asheville. Every single experience was top-notch. They KNOW this market — mid-century, modern, cutting edge — all of it. They love what they are doing, and you can feel it. They are strategic and never once wasted my time. Everything they showed me was on the money. Kelly had the Mbrook Compvision to see past obstacles and offer solutions if needed, and it was never in an effort to sell me on something. I always felt that Kelly and Troy were on my side, had my best interest at heart, and that I was THE most important client they had. They have class and smarts and made selling AND buying easier. I’ve been on both sides of that table, and let’s face it, those can be stressful times. But I never felt stressed or pressured. They take care of all the angles. I will be forever grateful for their expertise and sincerity. You will not find anyone who works harder for you, or makes it as fun. Look no further!” And did we tell you the home sold for above asking price at a record level for the neighborhood?

BUYERS Andrea and Lucy just moved here from San Francisco. As we are always saying well located ranch homes are a great resource for “Making Your Modern” here in the mountains. We found them one walkable to town with mountain views. They are thrilled and preparing for the renovations with the architect and builder team all lined up. As always we can’t wait to see the results. “Kelly and Troy had an immediate intuitive sense for what we were looking for and helped us identify those types of houses without distraction. They work so seamlessly as a team–Troy’s ability to Sunset Compcreatively visualize the possibility for a house and its surrounds; Kelly’s extraordinary efficiency and list of contacts. We found a home quickly and were able to see its possibilities. We were also able to close quickly. We are comfortable having relied on their knowledge, and they were awesome to work with. We have now chosen to work with them on a second project.”

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