WNC Modern Home Highlight | Posten Residence

f06a2__posten-residence-04-850x524by McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture | This Fairview home was recognized recently during the AIA Asheville Design Awards that we attended. We were struck by the home’s simplicity and overall utility. Programmatically, here is how the architect’s describe the home. “The residence is situated along the leading of a gently sloping ridge in the home, which minimized the influence to the site but maximized views and solar orientation.The home’s simple L-shape supplies a all-natural division of exterior public and private area, which is basically landscaped to complement the austerity of the architecture. Functionally, this L-shaped program supplies a linear organization of roughly 2,000-square-feet of residing and sleeping spaces, which are linked by an entry foyer to a 2-vehicle garage.f06a2__posten-residence-02-850x567

The objective internally was to supply a sense of openness among rooms and accentuate the perception of the interior volume. The use of butt joint glazing atop walls supplies sound manage and privacy however also makes it possible for light to stream through the whole interior rather than merely in each and every individual area. Simple use of created-in wardrobes, cabinetry, pocket doors, and other space-saving characteristics provided fantastic efficiency and accentuated the internal present day character.8a7b2__posten-residence-06-850x567

Formally, the shed offered a indicates to capture sunlight along the substantial southern wall, generating a much more dramatic presence to the public side, with a a lot more intimate scale for the rear courtyard. Protected by an 8-foot-deep overhang, the southern wall remains totally shaded throughout the summer yet makes it possible for sunlight into the whole depth of rooms in winter to heat the interior polished concrete slab. This naturally seasonal lighting mixed with other sustainable functions this kind of as a geothermal heat pump, hydronic in-floor heating, highly insulated exterior walls and roof, Solarban glazing, and fluorescent lighting have resulted in minimum energy utilization.8a7b2__posten-residence-05-850x567

To attain the sought after modern day theme, the use of resources is restrained, only accentuated in which necessary to generate emphasis. These materials incorporate stucco, fiber cement panels, aluminum storefront and entry doors, metal roofing, and polished stained concrete block.”f06a2__posten-residence-01-850x592 Photos courtesy of Kevin Meechan

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