Incorporating Plants on Buildings

We would love to see some of this thought brought to life in our downtown buildings and elsewhere as part of the beautiful natural environment in which we live. I had always imagined the BB&T building simply being re-skinned and areas recessed to incorporate plants reflecting a greener and more thoughtful future for our downtown. Either way, please enjoy this article from our daily dezeen feed and have a fun holiday weekend. Cheers!

2 responses to “Incorporating Plants on Buildings

  1. Hi Kelly and Troy:

    Thank you for this insightful post. When Jerry Brown was governor of CA the first time in the 70’s, he approved one of the first solar powered building and each level of the multi-storied governmental building had balconies with planters over the low walls filled with star jasmine which filled that filled the air with perfume.

  2. Look at this photo. It would be so awesome if the old BB&T building in downtown Asheville could morph into this. I love just looking at its skeleton standing there as it is this July 2017. The renderings look like some sort of glass is dominating the whole facade–like Miami in the mountains. Yuck!

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