Community Bill of Rights Kick-Off Party

Today, many people feel powerless. As you very well know that is just not true. You always have the power to make choices and do something about any given situation. Given the state, national and world political stage we are reminded to take steps in our own individual lives, as well as, in our surrounding community. That is where we can begin to affect change. With that in mind we want to introduce you to the Community Bill of Rights and the Asheville Community Roots Organization by inviting you to the Bill of Rights  kick-off party.

The Community Bill of Rights is a City ordinance that will: Enable citizens to prohibit the activities of corporations that pollute our water, air and soil. Allow us to make ongoing decisions about where we live, without interference from the State and aaccelerate the equitable transition to 100% renewable energy.

Make a difference in your life right here. If over 200 other communities in the US have done it, including the state of New Hampshire, we can, too! We hope to see you out there. Cheers!

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