Make Your Modern | Home Story 08

COZY IN COR-TEN | Architects Maria Rusafova and Jakub Markulis embarked on their home building adventure with a small amount of savings and a lot of enthusiasm. They had no bank loan, so construction took place slowly, stretching out over the course of a decade. Remaining true to their beliefs, they designs a small, efficient, light-filled home in a secluded West Asheville locale.

COR-TEN steel veneer panels in a rich sable patina blend artfully with the lush greens and brown of the surrounding forest, with large windows carefully position to frame a view of the urban forest. The home looks and feels like a tree house.

The open concept floor plan suits their lifestyle perfectly. Family members spend most of their time in front of the 17-foot high focal window, playing games, doing homework, or relaxing in one of the bean bag chairs where they can observe nature’s ever-changing performances on the wooded stage. Maria explains that there aren’t many opportunities to “escape” from one another, but that’s how they like it.

For more stories you can find our book, Make Your Modern in the Mountains, at Atomic Design and Furnishings. And soon at Malaprops. Have a beautiful Sunday. Cheers!

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