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Sunday Morning Modern


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 6.28.29 AMModern Asheville has been working with North Carolina Modernist Houses for years in helping document our modern and mid-century homes here in the mountains, but who knew the extent of what they were up to? For years they have been working hard to collect the largest database on mid-century and modern architecture including period publications. Check out this recent article on it at Curbed online magazine then find yourself lost in the fascinating archives. Happy Sunday!Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 6.28.07 AM

“Open floor plans, intercoms, air conditioning, hi-fis in the home: we take these things for granted today, but back in the ‘50s, they were cutting edge. Architecture and design fans can now relive the kind of breathless coverage given to favored mid-century signifiers with Colossus, a massive online database putting decades worth of architectural periodicals and journals just a click away. Created and maintained by volunteers, the archive offers a treasure trove of articles detailing the growth and development of mid-century architecture, as well as numerous trends and the careers of designers throughout the 20th century.”

Modern Monday

knoxville_clingmans_domeClingmans Dome Observatory

Now that spring has arrived it is time to get out and enjoy all the natural beauty of our region. One of the more dramatic sites is Clingmans Dome where Kelly and Chett found themselves this past Saturday. There you’ll find the mid-century construction that is a true example of “Form follows Function” design. Built in 1959, the 45-foot concrete observation tower features a circular observation platform accessed by a spiral ramp. Designed by Hubert Bebb of Gatlinburg the tower’s modern design, especially the use of concrete as the primary building material, marked a departure from previous park structures that took a more rustic approach. Bebb’s original design did feature a stone tower with an observation deck on top. 15_19_224_clingmans_dome

the Sinclair | Modern Urban Luxe

Sinclair-Ext-19-yes-all_squareYesterday, we were able to sneak in a quick, private peak of the swanky, new temporary stay units at 59 Broadway downtown know as the Sinclair. Wow! We were super impressed with the level of sophisticated design and detailing. The warm European style interiors blended light industrial touches with clean Danish modern textures and just a bit of mid-century thrown in. Overall, it was very mindfully put together. The vision was pulled together by a team of people including the owners and designer Traci Kearns of Alchemy Design. Cheers to the team!Sinclair 02

Want to stay? Find the details here. We know some clients who will be booking this today upon seeing this. Yes…you know who you are!Sinclair Bottom


Modern Monday

Why Architecture Should Tell a StoryScreen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.37.16 PM


“For architect Ole Scheeren, the people who live and work inside a building are as much a part of that building as concrete, steel and glass. He asks: Can architecture be about collaboration and storytelling instead of the isolation and hierarchy of a typical skyscraper? Visit five of Scheeren’s buildings — from a twisted tower in China to a floating cinema in the ocean in Thailand — and learn the stories behind them.”

Given a professional past in both design and storytelling this talk caught my attention. While I’m not sure the speaker truly got his point across I did enjoy the opportunity to view these projects and understand the thought behind them regardless. Go here to watch this TED presentation. Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.39.17 PM


Sneak Peek | The Copper Crown

CopperCrownOpenFeatured in a recent blog post by our friends at Form and Function Architecture this rendering is for a new restaurant in east Asheville called the Copper Crown. If you missed the article take a peek here. Cheers!

Asheville | Mid-Century Modern Flashback

North Asheville Branch LibraryLibrary Main

Here are some fun pics taken in 1959 capturing Asheville’s North Library designed by SIX Associates.North ASheville Library Comp

To check out more on SIX Associates visit our Pinterest page on the firm.

Grand Opening | The Bunn House

Bunn Comp 01Modern Asheville, along with our friends at 828 Design, made a stop at the Bunn House boutique hotel opening late yesterday afternoon. 828 Design created the venue’s branding and marketing. The new 5 room hotel is located between Charlotte and Merrimon Ave in what I deem to be the “North Overlook” to downtown.


The owners purchased the 1905 home two years past and have slowly crafting this luxury mini-hotel. They complimented the solid brick home with modern loft-style interiors and exterior detailing that give it an urban vibe while blending in soft linens and clean cabinetry to maintain a spa feel. Overall, a carefully selected blend that is both subtle and seamless. Bunn House Comp 02

On the exterior they added a roof deck to take in a view of downtown Asheville {photo below}, along with amenities to hold small events in the extensive garden space. The hotel should become a unique and refreshing destination outside the chain hotels for generations of visitors. For more information visit their website here. Cheers!IMG_2053

UNCA Architecture Tour | The Mid-Century Carmichael Hall

Built in 1966 | Designed by Six AssociatesIMG_0569

Carmichael Hall was named after Dr. Oliver Cromwell Carmichael, former chairman of North Carolina’s Board of Higher Education. Regarded as one of the leading educators in America, Carmichael was a Rhodes Scholar and British Army volunteer. He later served as president of the University of Alabama.IMG_0544

The semicircular, 330 seat, mid-century lecture hall is sited next to Carmichael Hall and was also designed by Six Associates and constructed in 1966. For more on UNCA buildings simply type in UNCA Tour in the search area on the right. Cheers!

UNCA Architecture Tour | Ramsey Library

Built in 1965 | Designed by Tony LordScreen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.17.29 AM

D. Hiden Ramsey was the first chairman of the statewide Board of Higher Education. He was, also, the Editor of The Asheville Citizen. Ramsey library was constructed in 1965 and was the first building on campus to be named for someone. The original construction, designed by architect Tony Lord, was made with precast concrete panels. The building’s lower level was renovated in 1990 more than doubling the library size. The library’s cafe was added at that time as well. IMG_0537 A Tony Lord designed home will be on the Modern Atlanta home tour later this month as noted in the posting below. Cheers!

UNCA Architecture Tour | Lipinsky Hall

Built in 1964 | Designed by Six AssociatesScreen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.12.34 AM

This building was constructed as the campus’s first student union. The hall was named for local businessman and community leader Louis Lipinsky. A trustee of Asheville-Biltmore College, A UNC Asheville predecessor institution, Lipinksy was instrumental in generating support for the 1958 and 1961 bond referenda which funded the move from Seely’s Caslte to the present site of the campus.Lipinsky comp

A special thinks to Kevan from Asheville By Foot for my personal tour of UNCA and helping gather information on the campus. Cheers! Troy

UNCA Architecture Tour | Justice Center

Built in 1963 | Designed by SIX ASSOCIATESP081_PTCS4_003358

Justice Center was named after Charles “Choo-Choo” Justice who began his extraordinary football career on the Asheville High football team. After serving in World War II, Justice was an all-American at UNC Chapel Hill and went on to play for the Washington Redskins. The Justice was named for the outstanding local athlete in 1973, 10 years after the buildings construction.Justice Comp

A special thinks to Kevan from Asheville By Foot for my personal tour of UNCA and helping gather information on the campus. Cheers! Troy

UNCA Architecture Tour | Rhoades Robinson Hall

Built in 1961 | Designed by SIX ASSOCIATESMain

Rhoades Hall was named in honor of Verne Rhoades, a prominent Western North Carolina scientific forester, whose family donated land to create W.T.Weaver Blvd., an important access route to the University. Rhoades Hall was completed in 1961 by the Six Associates.RR Comp

Robinson Hall was added in 1988 and the building configured to present a single face to campus. Rhoades Hall was completely renovated in 2011 with many energy saving features added including geothermal wells dug on the Quad outside the building, to provide heating and cooling for the building. The new entry and renovations were designed by the local architecture firm Clark Nexsen.Rhoades-Hall-UNCA-01-1024x768

A special thinks to Kevan from Asheville By Foot for my personal tour of UNCA and helping gather information on the campus construction. Cheers! Troy