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Sunday Morning Modern

7e0661f06419a60e895055071ad4ce81CONTAINER HOMES 101 | Kelly and I have had a fascination with homes made from shipping containers and have been discussing the reality of them here in Asheville. Over the course of the past couple of years I’ve found a few interesting sources that I thought provided the best overview on them. There is an online article from Better Homes and Garden, a HGTV style video and some Pinterest boards.home-contained-1

Life Inside the Box | This article by Cynthia Bowman provides a good overview on the particular needs of container homes, as well as, some great visuals on a variety of residential uses. It is a “go to” for me. Please enjoy it here.Container

Man Converts Shipping Container | From Better Homes and Garden Television this 20 minute video is a good watch following one man in the creation of his own container home. It provides a step-by-step breakdown on the process from container to a Danish modern living space. We really enjoyed it and you can do so here.47ca221e50ef02aba2e826179888a46e

Pinterest | Of course you know we have our own Pinterest page with a collection of information we’ve been saving. I’ll just connect you to our collective board. We do each have our own boards for our own industrial dream homes. I’m piecing together my own design for a construction using three 20′ containers; 1 for Living, 1 for Bed and Bath, 1 for covered Outdoor Living. All with green roofs. Please enjoy what we have collected here.

Do you have an interest in an actual container home? Let us know by emailing us here. We do have a source and when we have that finalized we can follow-up with you. Until then enjoy your Sunday. Cheers!

ROOST | Container Home Debut

IMG_2330After years of discussion Kelly and I met with David Way on Thursday to tour his very first container home finishing up production. The 320 sqft container will soon be tricked out and on display. David chose to leave the interior mostly IMG_2325exposed while cladding the exterior in insulation and exterior MDO Plywood — leaving more living space inside. The floor will be finished off in white oak, along with, the Roost’s own custom cabinetry throughout. The bathroom pod is clad in poplar and steel on the exterior while the shower will be finished off in a rich ipe wood. There will be four doors on the front of the container leading out to deck that runs the length of the unit for optimal indoor/outdoor living. The swanky pod mixes sophisticated design with efficiency. It is what David does best.IMG_2328

The nearly complete home will be featured tomorrow at the Asheville Housing Fair September 19th from 10am to 2pm at the Stephens-Lee Center located near downtown at 30 George Washington Carver Ave., Asheville NC, 28801. Stop by and look at the finished product. After this weekend one of us may be living in it. Cheers!