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DWELL | Akira Satake

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 7.52.56 AMAsheville has been represented in DWELL a few times of late. Today, in this look at design across the states, Akira’s hand-crafted bowls were featured. But don’t just stop there — take the full tour as a good overview and reminder of what good design brings to our lives. Cheers!

Artist George Peterson | Calling All Skaters

thOur buddy George is need of used skateboards for an art project he is working on. All need to be in one piece, but can have some cracks. He will pay for them including shipping. He is looking for almost 100 of them. Help him out! George can reach him at the Circle Factory. Cheers! Troy

Daniel Nevins | A Trembling World

Untitled-2 2In honor of springing forward let’s start the week off with something evolutionary, shiny and bright. Friend, artist Daniel Nevins, sent me a snap of his latest painting the other day. {I’m a huge fan!} This piece is entitled “A Trembling World.” According to Daniel, “It is his visual reminder that hidden beneath that cold, brittle layer of nature, and perhaps our own nature, that we feel this time of year, there lies a warm throbbing, a fecundity, a vitality, simply waiting for its moment to be reborn, again and again, forever.” The man is tapped in! For past articles on Daniel just type in his name in our blog search on the right. Cheers! Troy

Catching up with Artist Barbara Fisher

Barbara Comp

Images from January 2009 article.

I’ve always had a passion for art and artists and have spent my past professional career working with and supporting them. When launching this Blog I, undoubtedly, had to include artists. Today marks six years since I first wrote about painter Barbara Fisher. With that in mind I stopped to visit with Barbara last week to get an update on all she is working on this winter.

IMG_0083Recently, international photographer Norbert Guthier was driving through Asheville and stopped into visit Barbara and her paintings. He was so compelled by her work and commitment he extended an invitation to her to do two exhibition pieces with him for upcoming shows. Shown above is the first called “Heaven and Earth” with Norbert’s photography on the left and Barbara’s painting on the right. To see more on his interesting co-works series visit here.Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.36.05 PM

Barbara recently sold the above painting to an art consultant who placed it in this home in California.Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.39.33 PM Both Kelly and I love the black and white.

Barbara will be in an upcoming show at March 21st at the Upstairs Art Space in Tryon, along with, artist’s Betty Clark, Greg McPherson and Katie Walker. Road trip!Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.33.46 PM

Last, for the first time Barbara is making prints of her paintings available. Visit this link to view her Etsy site and a way to buy high quality reproductions of her originals.

Don’t forget to stop by tonight to visit with her and see her paintings at our Modern Mixer. Again, it is from 5 to 7pm at 828 Design.

the First Cut | Artist Paul Farmer

IMG_0077Along with Jim Bixby, of 828 Design, I was able to take a beautiful drive down to the Bascom Center for the Arts in the Highlands yesterday to attend the opening reception of artist Paul Farmer’s new work. Paul was the Winter Artist in Resident at the center. His work for this show was an experimentation of paint as a sculptural medium. Paul CompInitially, he would compose layers of paint on glass. Once the paint dries he cuts the paint from the glass and then reassembles it on to wood panels creating something new with sculptural dimension. Sometimes the compositions are purely play and other times he captures social statements in abstract form. The show runs on the lower level of the Bascom until March 7th. Enjoy!IMG_0067

The Art of Architect Peter Alberice | Disordered Order

ViaVeneto72DPIcopy113854__113854I recently stopped by to visit with Peter Alberice the artist — not the architect. Though there was no way to escape the architect given his painting studio is within his home, a condo in 12 S. Lexington and a building he helped craft into reality. It is one of Modern Asheville’s favorite buildings in downtown given the quality, design and

Trained as an architect in Virginia, Peter had always imagined himself painting over the years. Finally, in 1999 his wife Sandy, a photographer, bought him paints for Christmas and so it began. Originally, he began as an architect would by carefully marking off geometric elements for his composition. Once again, the woman beside the man, Sandy stepped in and suggested he might want to have a glass of wine before painting. Laughingly, he abandoned the tape and started attacking the canvas without restraints.

His process begins in his sketchbook by penning forms that have the loose appearance of working out architectural spaces. He then will project one or two of these sketches onto a canvas initiating the composition. Once these sketches have manifested in layers of paint he begins working on the “in between” or the IMG_0580dialogue that happens between the painted sketches. Intuitively, he will then paint over areas to start the process again. He projects and then layers in another sketch, which begins another dialogue between the old and new. Though I’m oversimplifying all the thoughts and steps, this process is repeated until the painting finds a natural completion.

Peter’s process reminds me of what it might look like to have a time lapsed video overhead of an ancient city. Old buildings are destroyed by natural and unnatural causes. The old foundations are filled in with rubble to support a new construction. Over time this is repeated until there are layers of built up matter that is a mixture of organized components and the loose organic rubble in between. The composition is only complete given both time and a bit of archeology. As it happens Peter was inspired by his trips to cities in Italy. IMG_0578

Peter likes to work on several canvases at once to keep the energy freely flowing and not get stuck on within one composition.

Peter, the painter, is the yin to the yang of Peter the architect. His loose abstractions balance his more structured work. The Painter’s work can be _SCS0798found at Blue Spiral One gallery in downtown. The Architect’s work can be found at his downtown office were he is currently shepherding a few architectural projects for our fast changing downtown. More on that in 2015.



Mark Bettis | Art Opening

Local Artist Mark Bettis and 5 Walnut Wine Bar hosts exhibit “TEXTURE AND COLOR” June 5-30th at 5 Walnut Wine BarApril Showers_MarkBettis

Opening Reception June 5th, 5-8pm; Partial proceeds to benefit TAPAS program in Asheville Schools and is open to the public.

Mark’s paintings are a synthesis of color, line, texture and form. He applies multiple layers of oil paint mixed with cold wax medium, then cut, scratch and smooth with great energy to let the painting evolve into an abstract interpretation of these elements. He paints in his open studio/gallery on the second floor of the Wedge Studios in the River Arts District.mark Bettis

Part of the proceeds from sales during the exhibit will benefit TAPAS (Teaching Artists Presenting in Asheville Schools), a collaboration between the Asheville City Schools Foundation, LEAF in Streets and Schools, and The University of North Carolina, Asheville’s Craft Studies program. TAPAS connects students with practicing local poets, dancers, potters, and visual artists to be inspired, and touched by opportunities to learn about and create art.

And don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday. Cheers! Troy

Artist George Peterson

IMG_3270During a recent trip to Brevard I was finally able to meet with artist George Peterson. It has been a year since I stumbled upon his work in an Asheville venue and I was an immediate fan. I witnessed five skateboards mounted in a row that had been cut, burned, scarred and painted as tribal art. The iconic, pop culture shapes had been put through destruction and rebirth giving them an immediate and powerful new story that holds my attention even today.

Geoge’s studio occupies a mid-century church building in the Arts District of Brevard. The sanctuary has been built out as a skate boarding and performance venue while the adjacent rooms are filled with his equipment and materials. He calls himself a “working class” artist and dedicates himself from 8 to 5 daily on his craft there.George Comp

George is self-taught. His influences are Andy Goldsworthy, David Nash, Finn Juhl, Bob Stocksdale, tribal art and punk rock. The combination of influences from 100-year-old tribal art, 80’s California to the Western North Carolina mountains and interior fashion today make them from a time period and world all of their own. His graphic and rhythmic twist to classic wood-turning gives his pieces a rawness and vulnerability that evoke history and narrative. For me, it takes an intuitive hand to craft something that offers subtle complexity masked by simplicity. In George’s hands, Punk is reinvented and becomes a timeless and sophisticated art form.

George’s work will be showcased in a new show later this month at Blue Spiral 1 gallery in downtown Asheville. For more on his work visit his website.



Finding Heather Knight

I’ve been a fan of Heather Knight ceramics for years. Her work was one of the main reasons I would walk into the Woolworth Gallery. Her organic shapes and colors seemed fresh and modern mixed in with the more earthy crafts. When I hold them I’m fondly reminded of California pottery. My good intentions to look her up for a story were circumvented by time and travel. On Thursday, while dropping off some real estate flyers I stumbled upon her studio. Seriously? Where have I been to miss her big storefront and studio space. I’m loosing ground in keeping up with the rapid evolution of the River Arts development.HK comp

Truly, there isn’t much more that I can add that you can’t find out by visiting her website or going to her working studio and peronally saying hello yourself. Now that I know where the Heather Knight mothership is {362 Depot St} I’ll be dropping by more often myself. See you there! Troyheatherknight56382238062

Smoking, Death and little bit of Art


These were just a few of the topics bantered around my dining table tonight. Despite the busy week Kelly and I have had – I’ve been lucky to catch up with some wonderful creative friends. Tonight Barbara Fisher, Spender Herr and Alicia TrinityChatham dropped in to add their creative energy to my space. When I moved in their paintings naturally fit on the main walls of my cozy dining area. I took it as a sign to someday share in creative communion there with the artistic trinity. It has been six years since we shared studios in the same area. Here they are holding their paintings.

{Not pictured is the big smile on my face behind the camera. }

Barbara is currently working towards a May show at Gallery 17 in Greenville in May. {Road Trip} This month her artwork is feature on the billboard for the River Art District. Yeah Barbara!1975106_10152243804379687_1233076523_n

Spencer is a featured artist at American Folk in downtown Asheville. He has art at Pop Santa Fe, Meson Furer Fine Art in Atlanta and others. He has recently made the switch to oils and is enjoying both the richness and realism he is finding. Spence and Alicia

Alicia is a featured artist at Gallery 17 in Greenville, the Haen Gallery in Asheville,  Atelier in Charleston and the Eno Gallery in Hillsboro. She has been working in a larger format then previously. I’m hoping that someday soon we find ourselves together in her studio at the same time so I can check in. You hear me Alicia?

What a great Sunday. Thank you Barbara, Spencer and Alicia!


Daniel Nevins at CAM

Local artist Daniel Nevins was recently selected for a show that opened at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh this past week. I sat and spoke with Daniel on Saturday about the amazing turn out for the NC Arts Council Artist Fellowship Award Exhibition featuring 15 artists, crafts-people and filmmakers across the state. He was overwhelmed by the turn out and support the community showed there for the museum. Daniel and I also got to brainstorm about producing an art event sometime later this year. Cheers to Daniel for this great honor at CAM!Daniel Comp


The Living Art of Daniel NevinsDavid 01

It has been over a month since I visited the studio of painter Daniel Nevins. I’ve struggled to put words to my experience with his art. During my visit I lost all sense of time and space given the intimate experience with his vast paintings and left questioning myself in the process. So, I have needed time and space to distance myself and reflect. Daniel 02

As a former Disney and Hallmark storyteller, the most intuitive way for me to provide you an empathetic experience of my time there is to walk you through a fictional tale of my own making. {As my psychologist you would be expecting this.}  Visualize that sometime in the distant future a superior being began masterfully combining DNA of various living and non-living beings that may include the Virgin Mary, Peacocks and Sea Coral to create new, infant, living creatures walking the earth. This creator allowed these new creatures to grow up to experience the darks and lights of puberty including both want and bliss, along with, both the aloneness and pride of being singularly unique in the world. Just as these new creatures were gaining a foothold into the world and transitioning to knowing adults — the creator caught, gutted and turned the living flesh inside out for study and exploration. On display were the being’s inner, emotional landscapes {soulscapes} and recorded life experiences. Witnessed are the darks and lights, hopes and fears of a rich and brief, conscious earthly life. Daniel 03

Skillfully, Daniel uses color, line and imagery to take you on a journey of dualities: the familiar and the aloof, the comfortable and uncomfortable, the intelligible and elusive. Your eye follows the curves and lines of the paintings, like a needle on an LP, revealing hidden information for your senses. The rhythm of complimentary and flowing colors pushes, pulls and massages you into these soulscapes so skillfully that you don’t realize you are being lured into an intimate experience until it is too late. It’s the seduction of a new lover by an experienced one. The deeply rational masked by the seemingly irrational.Daneil 06

Orbiting back to earth — Daniel is currently preparing for a show opening at Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh. The opening celebration is next Thursday, Feb 6th. For more information click here. To see more of his art visit his website. I’ve added Daniel to my list of artists to follow and am looking forward to watching his evolution over time.