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AHBA After Hours | ProSource Supplies

img_6291ProSource Supplies hosted the Asheville Home Builders Association last night at their new modern showroom. Brandon Bryant of Red Tree Builders invited us along to check it out. {Thanks man!} If you haven’t been there make sure to stop by and see their vast selection of fixtures. The showroom is tucked in behind the new Ford dealership on Brevard Road and the sales people are super helpful. Cheers!prosource-01

Why Won’t Mid-Century Design Die?

06mid1-master768By Steven Kurutz of the NYTimes | Thank you Gary for sending us this article over the weekend. It was a fun little peek into the professional world of designers and trend-setters including this from John Edelman, “There are two pieces we’d have to have an apocalypse for them to be out of style: the Saarinen Tulip Table and the Eames lounge chair and ottoman. They’re authored. They have a story behind them.” No doubt you want to see the rest so just go here. Cheers!

Modern Monday

Introducing East Fork Pottery’s Gas Fired Wares

EW 03East Fork Pottery held their introduction kiln sale this past weekend to debut their hand crafted housewares produced from the new gas fired kiln they recently acquired. The Danish Modern inspired line balances earthiness with cool clean lines evoking a timeless simplicity that transcends fashion for grounded functionality. As with any quality, modern craft the pieces are beautifully rich under the principle of “less is more”. While remaining local they are, at the same time, universal. EW 02

Alex Matisse, founder, and John Vigeland, CFO, are the leaders of the pottery studio supported by apprentices Amanda and Connie. Their studio is several stone throws to the west of Mars Hill nestled in the rustic atmosphere that has inspired generations of local craft folks. You can make appointments for guided tours and to shop directly from their studio. Visit the East Fork Pottery website to find out more and assemble your own shopping list. Cheers!EW 01


Dwellings CompI stopped by Dwellings yesterday while driving through Biltmore Village. Here are a few highlights of some of their contemporary furnishings within their design warehouse. Dwellings is open Wed-Sat from 10am to 5pm and Sundays from noon to 5pm. Stop by and browse their endless selection for something to warm up your nest this winter. Cheers!

Mid-Century Furniture Designers x 11

mid-century modern furnishings asheville home house real estateIn doing some online research for information on swiss architect, artist and designer Max Bill I came across this article and thought it was worth sharing to our audience. The article by Julia Millay Walsh gives a brief on 11 influential designers of last century whose furnishings are highly sought after today. So, take some time and enjoy this stroll through mid-century design history here. Cheers!

Asheville House

IMG_2420Kelly and I were touring some retreat property in Black Mountain with our yogi clients and thought we should stop in and see Lincoln today at the Asheville House in Black Mountain. If you haven’t been you should stop by soon. Or peruse their friendly new website here. After that get outside and enjoy some of that sunshine like we did. Cheers!IMG_2422

Mid-Century Modern Design 101

hermanmillerpopupThis article by Laura Fenton provides a great overview of the world of mid-century design in home furnishings. If you are both an enthusiast and a novice you’ll pick up a few things. It gives a nice historical overview while capturing its place in popular culture today. I know you will enjoy it. Go here to read. Cheers!

Dwellings | Warm Modern Furnishings

IMG_2298Kelly and I stopped into Dwellings today following our monthly partner lunch. We always enjoy visiting. With a warehouse big enough for roller skates one can browse endlessly through room vignettes of both rustic and modern furnishings for every room in your house. As always, they feature furnishings with clean lines and warm textures. So, if you are looking for modern furnishings you can cuddle up with or that wear like your favorite pair of slippers make it your next destination. Cool has never been so comfortable. Cheers!Comp

Dwellings | Inspired Home

I visited with Chris at Dwellings over the weekend to see what modern and eclectic furnishings he had in his current warehouse showroom. One of the items I discovered was a cool, sleeper sofa shown in bottom left photo. I know many folks, including myself, struggle to find one that is modern, comfortable and affordable. This one looks good. There is still an assortment of items that combine mid-century elements with rustic finishes — perfect for Asheville. Chris says he has new containers coming next month so be sure to stop by this winter. For hours and location click here.Dwellings Comp

Black Mountain | the Asheville House

IMG_0507While Kelly and I were working with a real estate investor client yesterday in Black Mountain I stopped to visit with Lincoln and Charlotte at their store, the Asheville House, yesterday to see what new furnishings they had in. They still maintain a nice blend of mid-century styled and industrial furnishings. Be sure to stop by when you are visiting Black Mountain to check out their inventory. IMG_0508

the Asheville House | Opening Night

IMG_5944The mid-century planets aligned this week conjuring up two new furniture stores. Last night Kelly, Chett and I were invited to the Grand Opening of the Asheville House in Black Mountain. With the growing interest in modern, retailers Charlotte and Lincoln Walters decided to launch their mid-century styled new home furnishings store in a beautifully restored carriage house in downtown. They describe the electric mix as representative of Asheville where rustic meets refined and organic meets industrial.

The three of us bumped into Robert from Splurge who provided a few of his visionary light fixtures for the retailer. None of us won the Mies van der Rohe chair they were raffling off with proceeds supporting the Black Mountain Center for the Arts. Still, it was a fun night and gave us the opportunity to catch up with some clients in our sister city to the East. Make sure you go soon. Cheers! Troy


Timeless Furnishings at Dwellings

I stopped in today to see our pals at Dwellings prior to putting out some new real estate signs. I always enjoy the sense of discovery while shopping there. The roller skating size warehouse offers a timeless blend of imported, industrial and rustic furnishings contrasted with super clean and soft upholstery. Throw in some found objects and curiosities and call your home furnished. BAM! Dwelling Comps

As far as modern furnishings are concerned their mix offers both rustic and polished looks that are masculine, but with a soft, comfortable finish. You know the type — so strong that you can’t hurt it, but you can still cuddle up to it and take it home to mother — total marriage material. Go check out the ever changing inventory!