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FOR SALE | Clingman Ave Loft

2 Bedrooms | 1 Bath | 911 SQFT | Balcony with View | Storage Unit

Kelly and I are pleased to bring this cool, artistic condo conveniently located between downtown and the River Arts district to the market today. The 2 bedroom and 1 bath condo home sits privately on the top view floor of the Clingman Lofts. The designer living space has been upgraded with everything you need. There are many updates including heating and cooling, washer and dryer, plumbing hardware and interior paint. The condo comes with an assigned parking space and locked storage unit. This one is ready to go!

Want to see more? Check out the tour here or give us a call for more information. Cheers! Kelly and Troy

A Community Conversation on Affordable Housing for Artists

The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design and Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce invite you to participate in a community conversation on affordable housing solutions for artists in Asheville.

Please join them in welcoming Artspace, the national nonprofit leader in developing affordable artist live/work spaces, for a public presentation and discussion of a potential arts-based development project in Asheville.

Free parking available at HomeTrust Bank, 10 Woodfin St, Asheville. Light refreshments provided by Green Opportunities and Buchi Kombucha.

The project has received generous support from the The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, City of Asheville, Duke Energy Foundation, and Ted & Terry Van Duyn.

Learn more and RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/276926046066681/

FOR SALE | Cotton Mill Studios

cotton-mill-59Artist/owners Denise Carbonell and Derek Dominey of the Cotton Mill Studios at 122 Riverside have made the decision to sell their beautiful building in order to embark on new creative and philanthropic ventures in the artistic community of Asheville and the River Arts District. As stewards of the Cotton Mill the couple has promoted the location as a community gathering place, supported local artists and actively cultivated the general popularity and continued growth of the business district.cotton-mill-45
Denise and Derek have acted as respectful and careful stewards of this iconic building, fostering a creative environment which is home to some of Asheville’s best talent. They will continue to work with the community they love to help the artistic community of the RAD continue to grow and prosper.cotton-mill-4
The sale provides the rare opportunity to own a turn of the century industrial property of cultural, historic and architectural significance complete with artist studios/offices, restaurant and bar in the lively River Arts District. Modern Asheville Real Estate will be handling the sale of the property. All questions and inquiries can be specifically directed to the following: Kelly and Troy  828.552.4811 or  Carla Barnard  828.575.0272

Modern Monday

barbaraCatching Up with Artist Barbara Fisher | I stopped by for my yearly trek to Barbara’s studio over the weekend. Barbara was the first artist I wrote about eight years ago today so it has become a little tradition for us. img_7516

Barbara has always been both super prolific and evolutionary in her work. One can look around her studio and see her journey as an artist. Currently she has been led to work with mixing acrylic and ink on canvas in a series she calls img_7513“Tangled Mapping.” The works appear as aerial views of chaotic cities, intricate weavings, interstices, energy blips or the fabric of the “ether” around us. She relates them to slices of our thoughts at any moment in time or the invisible chemical trails of the energy between us these days. tangle-36x361

Barbara has recently been working on collaborations with German photographer Norbert Guthier. As Guthier travels he selects artists in various cities to work with him on art. Below is one of their most recent collaborations called “The Sky is Crying.”unnamed-2

Barbara’s work can be found in various cities across the country and you can find Barbara most days in her studio at 170 Lyman St in the River Arts District. Or peruse her website here and check out some of my past posts on Barbara here. Enjoy our Monday. Cheers!

Modern Monday | Artist Brief

linda-01Linda McCane Gritta | Last week I was able to pause and visit with artist, and Modern Asheville friend, Linda McCane Gritta at her painting studio along the river in Woodfin. It didn’t surprise me to find her along the river as her work is naturally watery and an element she is at home around. Though a Chicago native Linda and her work have that Northern California vibe {I call it Urban Zen} of grounded coolness mixed with the water and shimmering light of the bay area using those complimentary Diebenkorn-ish warms and cools I love.linda-02

Linda graduated from the New York Studio School in 2001 followed by a BFA from Converse College in 2004 and has been producing full steam ever since. Though Linda enjoys her figural work, expressing the figure in relaxed, natural contexts, she loves the gut level adventure of abstraction. The process uses that push-pull of both intuition and intellect, chaos and balance, control and surrender that we see all around us in nature. She likens the “letting go” process to jumping off a skyscraper and having to fashion your own net on the way down being left with moments of inherent experience and instinct as resources.img_6014

Linda currently exhibits her work in both North and South Carolina and New York City. Her work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. Also, she is represented by Serena & Lily of Sausalito and Libby Silvia ArtStyle in Boston. She recently contributed one of her abstract paintings for the Raise Your Hand WNCap Auction last month. To see more of her colorful work visit her website here. Enjoy!linda-04

Warehouse Studios | Open House Tonight

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-5-55-48-amStop by and see our friend, artist Barbara Fisher, at the Warehouse Studios Open House tonight from 4 to 7pm. And don’t forget the Studio Stroll this weekend. Cheers!

Artist Brief | Barbara Fisher’s Blue Period

Barbara Fisher BlueI stopped in for a visit with our beloved Barbara Fisher yesterday. Barbara, currently going through a “Blue Period” of her very own, has been experimenting with a cooler color palette. As always I’m amazed at her consist work ethic and prolific work amassed in her studio. Make sure you pay her a visit on the main floor of Warehouse Studios at 170 Lyman St in the River Arts District. Cheers to you Barbara!IMG_3681

Ray Spillenger | Rediscovery of a Black Mountain Painter

Join Black Mountain College Museum + Art for their first exhibition in 2016 on Friday, January 22nd from 5:30 to 8:00pm. Go here for the invite.

BackMountainCollegeRaySpillengerCompositionCurated by Dr. Theodore E. Stebbins Jr., Curator of American Art, Emeritus, Harvard Art Museums, this exhibition features mainly early work created just after Spillenger’s summer at Black Mountain College with Willem de Kooning and Josef Albers, among others. After leaving Black Mountain College, Spillenger moved to New York City, where he became a member of “the Club,” Cedar Tavern regular, and friend to Abstract Expressionist luminaries including Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, and Philip Guston. Despite significant contributions to the formation of the New York School, Spillenger did not find commercial and critical success: he was pushed to the margins of the art market during his lifetime, then into the shadows of art history. Ray Spillenger: Rediscovery of a Black Mountain Painter invites a re-examination of 20th-century American art history through a corpus of work made privately and rarely shown to the public. A full color catalogue will accompany the exhibition.

Gallery talk by the Curator at 6:45. See you there. Cheers!

Create Boldly | the Art of Maxey Andress

Maxey CompAllow Modern Asheville to introduce you to artist Maxey Andress and welcome him to the Asheville scene. Maxey, a successful artist, thinker, designer and entrepreneur, is originally from Atlanta, but currently resides here in Asheville. He has been working with our Real Estate team on special projects soon to be announced. His artistic Oakley nest here in the mountains provides him both a place to relax and indulge his creative {and ultimately business} spirit. As a true Renaissance man we welcome his creativity to our growing art and design community here.Andress_Levity_acryliconpanel_36x23.75_2014_72

Maxey’s work on canvas explores moments, movements and juxtapositions seemingly suspended, illuminating journeys through spaces that expand or contract, often inferring themes of duality. It is where there is a sense of the familiar and mysterious, the contemporary and the futuristic,
that which is structured and that which is happenstance, existing
always side by side.Comp

Along with Charlton Bradsher Art and Design, Maxey’s work will be showcased at our next Modern Mixer on Friday, January 22nd. Come by and see his amazing work, meet Maxey, Charlton and our team. Click here for details and to sign up. All are absolutely welcome. Cheers!

Alexander Wyly | Modern Maker of Patterns

IMG_2696At Modern Asheville Real Estate we frequently have “Portfolio Lunches” where we invite designers to come in to show us their work building upon the design and creative culture of our company. 828 Design recently introduced us to Alex Wyly. So, we invited him to our office for our version of show and tell.

Alex currently works as an artist making patterns. The patterns inspired by the local environment and travels across the world are then sold to various home fashion companies for use on their products. Alex’s background is in Fine Arts. AlexAfter art school he began working as a curator in major cities across the states. In 2011 he sought a slower tempo lifestyle with closer access to family in Atlanta. Through a friend in the furniture industry he found a job at a large textile mill in Hickory as an archive manager + pattern manager. The mill with tens of thousands of paintings, prints, collages and tapestries used as source materials for woven fabric from over a century became an instant inspiration.Alex Comp 01

He then started to design patterns for the team of textile designers at the mill and became aware of a niche part of the industry where independent design studios sold patterns to the mills. In 2013 he decided to venture offaam2000 on his own as an independent, locally based designer. He sells his patterns to designers and mills across the East Coast and is currently releasing his lines of rugs and pillows under his personal brand in a partnership with Surya in 2015 and 2016. Cheers to you Alex!

Jeremy at the Junction

jeremy compIf you haven’t dined at the Junction lately it is time to stop by. Local artist Jeremy Russell’s work is vibrantly displayed throughout. Jeremy, is both a fine artist and scenic painter having worked in the entertainment industry. His work is conceptual in nature and plays with symbolic imagery dealing with issues such as science, sexuality, psychology, human nature, religions, politics and beyond to the universe. Go check out is work in person and visit his website here. Cheers!

The Art of Architect Peter Alberice | Disordered Order

ViaVeneto72DPIcopy113854__113854I recently stopped by to visit with Peter Alberice the artist — not the architect. Though there was no way to escape the architect given his painting studio is within his home, a condo in 12 S. Lexington and a building he helped craft into reality. It is one of Modern Asheville’s favorite buildings in downtown given the quality, design and location.th

Trained as an architect in Virginia, Peter had always imagined himself painting over the years. Finally, in 1999 his wife Sandy, a photographer, bought him paints for Christmas and so it began. Originally, he began as an architect would by carefully marking off geometric elements for his composition. Once again, the woman beside the man, Sandy stepped in and suggested he might want to have a glass of wine before painting. Laughingly, he abandoned the tape and started attacking the canvas without restraints.

His process begins in his sketchbook by penning forms that have the loose appearance of working out architectural spaces. He then will project one or two of these sketches onto a canvas initiating the composition. Once these sketches have manifested in layers of paint he begins working on the “in between” or the IMG_0580dialogue that happens between the painted sketches. Intuitively, he will then paint over areas to start the process again. He projects and then layers in another sketch, which begins another dialogue between the old and new. Though I’m oversimplifying all the thoughts and steps, this process is repeated until the painting finds a natural completion.

Peter’s process reminds me of what it might look like to have a time lapsed video overhead of an ancient city. Old buildings are destroyed by natural and unnatural causes. The old foundations are filled in with rubble to support a new construction. Over time this is repeated until there are layers of built up matter that is a mixture of organized components and the loose organic rubble in between. The composition is only complete given both time and a bit of archeology. As it happens Peter was inspired by his trips to cities in Italy. IMG_0578

Peter likes to work on several canvases at once to keep the energy freely flowing and not get stuck on within one composition.

Peter, the painter, is the yin to the yang of Peter the architect. His loose abstractions balance his more structured work. The Painter’s work can be _SCS0798found at Blue Spiral One gallery in downtown. The Architect’s work can be found at his downtown office were he is currently shepherding a few architectural projects for our fast changing downtown. More on that in 2015.