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Beaverdam Studio Tour

Hi Folks! Just a quick note in support of our North Asheville artist community. We hope you get out and support this talented group. For details go here. Cheers!

Support for Artist Eric Knoche

Hi Folks! As you know artists are a big part of our Modern Asheville community and we are all too happy to support them and what they bring to our Asheville area community. Eric Knoche, also, happens to be a neighbor to John and myself and suffered a big loss being housed in the old French Broad school which burned just down the street from us. In support we all are passing along his request for assistance. Thanks for any consideration. Cheers!

Greeting friends, colleagues and patrons,

Unfortunately I am writing today with some bad news:  On Feb 5, the building where I had my studio burned to the ground due to arson.  I lost all of my tools and equipment, all of my finished inventory, 15 years of sketchbooks and four months of finished but unfired work.

I am hesitant to ask for help, but have been encouraged to do so by my friends and colleagues.  So, if you would like to help me out, here are a few ways to do so.

1. Please consider contributing to the GoFundMe that my fiancé, Kristin, has helped me set up. We are hoping to raise $20,000. I will use this money to finish the small studio I started building on my land last year and also for living expenses as I begin from scratch to build a new body of work. If you would like to contribute to the GoFundMe Campaign, a link is here
I am grateful for contributions in any amount.

2. My gallery in Asheville, Blue Spiral 1, has generously offered to temporarily alter the terms of our agreement in my favor.  For the next two months Blue Spiral 1 is donating half of their share of the sales of my work back to me.  So if any of the work they have in their inventory appeals to you, purchasing it in the next two months is exceptionally beneficial to me.  You can see the work I have there here.  I am most grateful for all of the support I have received for my work over the years.

3. I could also really use some physical help.  If you live in western North Carolina and would like to donate a day or half day of your time I would really appreciate it.  Here is a list of things I need help with: Hanging drywall, eaves, painting and trim for the little studio I have been working on on my land; splitting wood for the kiln; other kiln prep; clay making; carpentry (rebuilding some of the tables and racks that were lost.  If you have a little extra time and would like to come help me, please reach out.

4. Please consider sharing with anyone you think might be interested.

(You can find some news articles if you google ‘”french broad school fire.”  They do get some details wrong but the overview is correct).

I’ve written a bit about the event on my website

Thanks so much for your continued support.  I really appreciate it.


RAD Studio Stroll

Hi Folks! Don’t forget that today and tomorrow is the RAD Studio Stroll. Go HERE for more info. Cheers!

Sunday Morning with Modern Asheville

I NEEDED COLOR ~ Jim Carey  Thanks to our friend Pat for this one. Cheers!

How does an artist afford Asheville?

By the Citizen Times | Here is a nice article featuring some of our friends regarding artists making a living here in Asheville. Go here to read. Enjoy!

the Creative Class | Tax Time and seeking Home Mortgages

Image-11In Richard Florida’s “Rise of the Creative Class”  he states that human creativity is the rising and defining feature of our economic life today. Creativity is essential to the way we live and work. It is associated with the rise of new work environments, lifestyles, associations and neighborhoods, which in turn are conductive to creative work. Creativity can be both social and individual and often stifled by organizations.  This becomes part of the energy behind the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to pave one’s own path. The creative class is less inspired by money and more inspired by experiences and intrinsic rewards. Having been to recent events and Design Salons in the River Arts to West Asheville to the Five Points neighborhood you will see this “Creative Class’ first hand. The growth of individual creative companies in our little town as it offers the choice for personal freedom and an active and inspired lifestyle.

Given the creative culture of Modern Asheville Real Estate we tend to attract clients who are self-employed entrepreneurs moving here for that lifestyle choice. Unique home buyers looking for properties that showcase their sense of self. These samecordell-house-shipping-container-home_1 folks also have unique challenges when it comes to tax time and qualifying to purchase a home. These self-employed borrowers tend to take a lot of deductions to reduce their taxable income. While this reduces their tax liability, it also reduces their income used to qualify for a mortgage. All loans require self-employed borrowers to provide a minimum of two years recent personal and business tax returns. Anyone who is self- employed will want to show as much income as possible to use as qualifying income for a mortgage. 

Be mindful of which line on your tax return your tax preparer reports income. If you are an owner of a Corporation and/or a Sole Proprietor business the income may be reported on several different lines of your 1040 like the Schedule C, Schedule D or Schedule E. If you pay yourself a regular wage then you may show W2 income as well. When qualifying for a mortgage, in most images-3instances, income from a self-employed borrower will only be used if the income is reported on the same line of the tax return for the past 2-years. If a self-employed borrower reports business income through their Corporation on their Schedule E one year and the next year reports income from the same source through their Sole Proprietor business on a Schedule C, a mortgage banker/broker will most likely not be able to use that income when qualifying the borrower. In most instances, income generated from self-employment needs to be reported on the same tax line for 2-years. If you are applying for a mortgage during tax season, make sure your banker or broker looks at your prepared taxes before filing with the IRS.

Having said all that Kelly and I both have to finish preparing our own similar taxes this weekend. Hopefully, the impending rain will help us stay focused on the task. Cheers to you!

Designing Our Future #10 | A Place for Artists

What could a property boom mean for our creative scene?  I recently
read the below article from the Portland Monthly — my old stomping grounds. I often refer to Asheville as a mini-Portland given the similar cultural vibe which made it an easy transition for me when I finally decided to land here nine years ago now. What was one of the first things I did here? I opened an art studio in the River Arts District and immersed myself in the Asheville art scene. IMG_2311The art and design scene has always had a gravitational pull and remains part of the culture of our collective Modern Asheville Real Estate office, team and community.

The below linked article discusses the issue of what happens to artists and our creative culture given times of unwavering growth. Here is a snippet ~ To many, the moment represented how Portland’s rising cost of living and booming real estate market are scattering its artists—and, in a larger sense, how a shiny, more expensive New Portland is sweeping aside the scruffier, less polished predecessor.Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 9.31.57 AM

In our office and community we love both the polish and the grit of Asheville and hope our city can strike a balance with the two as we move through unprecedented growth. Please take a moment and read the article here and reflect. What are the considerations for our city as we evolve? Cheers!

Art for Justice

Thursday, May 14 from 6:00 to 8:30 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.40.07 PM

You are invited to attend a special evening at the historic Cotton Mill Studios in Asheville’s fun and funky River Arts District. Enjoy a delicious cocktail reception, meet the artists and shop the galleries of some of Asheville’s finest artisans. The artists of Coton Mill Studios are generously donating 40% of the evening’s sales to Pisgah Legal Services. Buy Tickets Here.

Cheers! Troy and Kelly

the First Cut | Artist Paul Farmer

IMG_0077Along with Jim Bixby, of 828 Design, I was able to take a beautiful drive down to the Bascom Center for the Arts in the Highlands yesterday to attend the opening reception of artist Paul Farmer’s new work. Paul was the Winter Artist in Resident at the center. His work for this show was an experimentation of paint as a sculptural medium. Paul CompInitially, he would compose layers of paint on glass. Once the paint dries he cuts the paint from the glass and then reassembles it on to wood panels creating something new with sculptural dimension. Sometimes the compositions are purely play and other times he captures social statements in abstract form. The show runs on the lower level of the Bascom until March 7th. Enjoy!IMG_0067

Smoking, Death and little bit of Art


These were just a few of the topics bantered around my dining table tonight. Despite the busy week Kelly and I have had – I’ve been lucky to catch up with some wonderful creative friends. Tonight Barbara Fisher, Spender Herr and Alicia TrinityChatham dropped in to add their creative energy to my space. When I moved in their paintings naturally fit on the main walls of my cozy dining area. I took it as a sign to someday share in creative communion there with the artistic trinity. It has been six years since we shared studios in the same area. Here they are holding their paintings.

{Not pictured is the big smile on my face behind the camera. }

Barbara is currently working towards a May show at Gallery 17 in Greenville in May. {Road Trip} This month her artwork is feature on the billboard for the River Art District. Yeah Barbara!1975106_10152243804379687_1233076523_n

Spencer is a featured artist at American Folk in downtown Asheville. He has art at Pop Santa Fe, Meson Furer Fine Art in Atlanta and others. He has recently made the switch to oils and is enjoying both the richness and realism he is finding. Spence and Alicia

Alicia is a featured artist at Gallery 17 in Greenville, the Haen Gallery in Asheville,  Atelier in Charleston and the Eno Gallery in Hillsboro. She has been working in a larger format then previously. I’m hoping that someday soon we find ourselves together in her studio at the same time so I can check in. You hear me Alicia?

What a great Sunday. Thank you Barbara, Spencer and Alicia!


Bending Form and Color

Bettis MainI just happened to be vacationing in Rehoboth Beach, DE this week and was aware that three of my favorite Modern Asheville artists were doing a group exhibition nearby. Mark Bettis, Vickey Pinney and Karen Weihs are the Asheville artists that make up the “Bending Form and Color” exhibition at the Peninsula Gallery in Lewes, DE. I stopped by for a look. Here are a couple images from there.

Pen Gallery CompIf you are in the area you should stop by. Despite the Asheville-like rain today, it is absolutely the perfect time of year for a visit to this area. To view or purchase art from this exhibition click here.

GRAND OPENING: Gallery Mugen

Tonight At The Cotton Mill Studios

I’m looking forward to this opening with a couple of my favorite Asheville artists. Be sure to stop by this Friday, March 15th from 5:30 to 8:30 at the Cotton Mill Studios.