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Modern Monday

barbaraCatching Up with Artist Barbara Fisher | I stopped by for my yearly trek to Barbara’s studio over the weekend. Barbara was the first artist I wrote about eight years ago today so it has become a little tradition for us. img_7516

Barbara has always been both super prolific and evolutionary in her work. One can look around her studio and see her journey as an artist. Currently she has been led to work with mixing acrylic and ink on canvas in a series she calls img_7513“Tangled Mapping.” The works appear as aerial views of chaotic cities, intricate weavings, interstices, energy blips or the fabric of the “ether” around us. She relates them to slices of our thoughts at any moment in time or the invisible chemical trails of the energy between us these days. tangle-36x361

Barbara has recently been working on collaborations with German photographer Norbert Guthier. As Guthier travels he selects artists in various cities to work with him on art. Below is one of their most recent collaborations called “The Sky is Crying.”unnamed-2

Barbara’s work can be found in various cities across the country and you can find Barbara most days in her studio at 170 Lyman St in the River Arts District. Or peruse her website here and check out some of my past posts on Barbara here. Enjoy our Monday. Cheers!

Warehouse Studios | Open House Tonight

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-5-55-48-amStop by and see our friend, artist Barbara Fisher, at the Warehouse Studios Open House tonight from 4 to 7pm. And don’t forget the Studio Stroll this weekend. Cheers!

Artist Brief | Barbara Fisher’s Blue Period

Barbara Fisher BlueI stopped in for a visit with our beloved Barbara Fisher yesterday. Barbara, currently going through a “Blue Period” of her very own, has been experimenting with a cooler color palette. As always I’m amazed at her consist work ethic and prolific work amassed in her studio. Make sure you pay her a visit on the main floor of Warehouse Studios at 170 Lyman St in the River Arts District. Cheers to you Barbara!IMG_3681

Catching up with Artist Barbara Fisher

Barbara Comp

Images from January 2009 article.

I’ve always had a passion for art and artists and have spent my past professional career working with and supporting them. When launching this Blog I, undoubtedly, had to include artists. Today marks six years since I first wrote about painter Barbara Fisher. With that in mind I stopped to visit with Barbara last week to get an update on all she is working on this winter.

IMG_0083Recently, international photographer Norbert Guthier was driving through Asheville and stopped into visit Barbara and her paintings. He was so compelled by her work and commitment he extended an invitation to her to do two exhibition pieces with him for upcoming shows. Shown above is the first called “Heaven and Earth” with Norbert’s photography on the left and Barbara’s painting on the right. To see more on his interesting co-works series visit here.Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.36.05 PM

Barbara recently sold the above painting to an art consultant who placed it in this home in California.Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.39.33 PM Both Kelly and I love the black and white.

Barbara will be in an upcoming show at March 21st at the Upstairs Art Space in Tryon, along with, artist’s Betty Clark, Greg McPherson and Katie Walker. Road trip!Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.33.46 PM

Last, for the first time Barbara is making prints of her paintings available. Visit this link to view her Etsy site and a way to buy high quality reproductions of her originals.

Don’t forget to stop by tonight to visit with her and see her paintings at our Modern Mixer. Again, it is from 5 to 7pm at 828 Design.

Happy Birthday ModernAsheville.com {yeah!}

Hi Folks! Today marks the six year anniversary of ModernAsheville.com. It has been a rewarding commitment and I’m happy to see a passion grow into a shared community, business and real estate partnership here in Asheville. During that period it has grown from 1500 views per month to over 11,000 per month modern readers spanning the globe. Cheers!


Article from WNC Magazine

Today seems the perfect day to launch our new design centric Pinterest page. We pin all the things we love from Asheville’s Mid-Century homes to regional art & architecture history and general inspiration. Ready to see it? Go here and follow along!


And don’t forget that Kelly, myself and 828 Design are hosting the Blog anniversary celebration tomorrow evening at 828 Design’s studio from 5 to 7 pm. Hope to see you there! Kelly and Troy

Smoking, Death and little bit of Art


These were just a few of the topics bantered around my dining table tonight. Despite the busy week Kelly and I have had – I’ve been lucky to catch up with some wonderful creative friends. Tonight Barbara Fisher, Spender Herr and Alicia TrinityChatham dropped in to add their creative energy to my space. When I moved in their paintings naturally fit on the main walls of my cozy dining area. I took it as a sign to someday share in creative communion there with the artistic trinity. It has been six years since we shared studios in the same area. Here they are holding their paintings.

{Not pictured is the big smile on my face behind the camera. }

Barbara is currently working towards a May show at Gallery 17 in Greenville in May. {Road Trip} This month her artwork is feature on the billboard for the River Art District. Yeah Barbara!1975106_10152243804379687_1233076523_n

Spencer is a featured artist at American Folk in downtown Asheville. He has art at Pop Santa Fe, Meson Furer Fine Art in Atlanta and others. He has recently made the switch to oils and is enjoying both the richness and realism he is finding. Spence and Alicia

Alicia is a featured artist at Gallery 17 in Greenville, the Haen Gallery in Asheville,  Atelier in Charleston and the Eno Gallery in Hillsboro. She has been working in a larger format then previously. I’m hoping that someday soon we find ourselves together in her studio at the same time so I can check in. You hear me Alicia?

What a great Sunday. Thank you Barbara, Spencer and Alicia!


Artist: Barbara Fisher


“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order” Carl Jung

I stopped in to visit Barbara Fisher yesterday morning in her studio. We haven’t had the chance properly connect since I landed from all my travels. It is always great to chat with her, share her space and absorb her passion. I can’t think of anyone more practiced and dedicated within her neighborhood of artists. And there is the fact that I simply love her art.

Though I have had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of Barbara’s work for over six years now, I’m going to bow out of discussing it in detail here. Andrew Wengrow recently wrote a wonderful piece on Barbara that spells it all out in an article titled A Different Orbit. He both captures the spirit and evolution of her work and notes her current solo show going on at the Hickory Museum of Art.


As witnessed by the overflow of art outside her studio door, Barbara is in the midst of preparing for a big show in Atlanta at the Mason Murer gallery in May and June. If you would like to see more of her work please visit Barbara’s website. Better yet, stop by her studio at 170 Lyman St for a visit and be inspired!

Barbara the Stack

Gallery 17: A Grand Opening

I had to take a moment to applaud some of my artist friends who were part of a new gallery opening just across the border in Greenville, SC last night. Where have I been? Cheers to Alicia Chatham, Barbara Fisher and Stephen Lange! Sorry I missed your opening, but all my best in spreading your wings. I’ll visit soon.

Gallery 17

For more on the new Gallery 17 click here.

Fishcake Design

Local Art Becomes Wearable

Having worked in product development with international aritsts I love it when I witness artists taking it upon themselves to repurpose their art for unique applications. Painter Barbara Fisher has recently done this by launching her new design website. She has taken digital images of her paintings to create mirror-image patterns, which are printed onto silk crepe de chine. Backed with solid colored silk habotai the fabric is sewn into luxurious and contemporary, 10″ x 60″ scarves. All are hand made right here in North Carolina. To view these products and others go to “FishcakeDesign.net. I particularly love her use of stories. Very smart Barbara!

Need I mention that Christmas is coming.

Barbara Fisher – Painter


Small Pieces, Big Picture

I sat down with Barbara this afternoon and talked with her in between the noise from the trains that cross behind her studio building in the River Arts District of Asheville.   Like me – her mind jumps around from one thing to another.  This shows in her work where she creates boxes for all the fragmented thoughts, symbols of self and life that somehow become a whole.  She puts her feet – or brush – in one place and finds she has to move to balance it with something else.  She has a great understanding of the bigger picture of life and where all the small things fit together.  In the end her compositions find balance.  All the puzzle pieces fit together.

I thought it was interesting and appropriate to learn that Barbara likes to develop crossword puzzles on the side.  She remains determined having been rejected by New York Times on a few occasions.

In her studio my eye was drawn to a piece titled Finger Forest.  It was a black and white charcoal drawing shown beside her in the photo.  Even in black and white it had character, story, movement and depth.  Like in architecture – I love it when people express so much with so little.  It was a generation of stories in a one-minute, elevator interview.  Barbara moves back and forth from color to black & white.  She is living a process of discovery all the while being a prolific creator.  By the end of the talk we both found we were two pieces of the puzzle that is the modern spirit of the Asheville community.

Barbara’s can be found at http://www.barbarafisher.com .  Or visit her at her studio at 170 Lyman St.

(text and photo by Troy Winterrowd)