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UNCA Architecture Tour | Rhoades Robinson Hall

Built in 1961 | Designed by SIX ASSOCIATESMain

Rhoades Hall was named in honor of Verne Rhoades, a prominent Western North Carolina scientific forester, whose family donated land to create W.T.Weaver Blvd., an important access route to the University. Rhoades Hall was completed in 1961 by the Six Associates.RR Comp

Robinson Hall was added in 1988 and the building configured to present a single face to campus. Rhoades Hall was completely renovated in 2011 with many energy saving features added including geothermal wells dug on the Quad outside the building, to provide heating and cooling for the building. The new entry and renovations were designed by the local architecture firm Clark Nexsen.Rhoades-Hall-UNCA-01-1024x768

A special thinks to Kevan from Asheville By Foot for my personal tour of UNCA and helping gather information on the campus construction. Cheers! Troy

Progress | Asheville Middle School

We were revisiting the design of the new Asheville Middle School today. We think this is an exciting project for Asheville and love the progressive nature of Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 7.31.05 AMthe design and looking forward to a tour of the construction when it gets further along. This is the latest progress photo.

Here is a bit about the project from the architecture firm Clark Nexsen: Clark Nexsen is providing design services for a new facility for Asheville Middle School on the existing middle school site. During advanced planning, the program was developed through a series of meetings and workshops held by the design team with the Asheville City School and Asheville Middle School administrations, as well as the affiliated faculty, students, and community user ams-sky-added-959x590groups. This collaboration served to verify their current and future needs. The program is designed for a 1,000-student capacity, anticipating future growth. Asheville City Schools does not have an off-site location for the middle school while a new building is under construction. The existing middle school and outdoor athletic facilities will remain operational and secure during construction.

Reviewing the design work for Asheville’s Middle School brought up memories for me when my own Clifty Creek Middle School in Columbus, Indiana was replaced by a new one designed by architect Richard Meier shown below.courtdistant