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Sunday Morning Modern

Columbus MainPreserving a Design-Centric Community | I know I have previously written about my small hometown of Columbus Indiana, however, a new article by from the American Institute of Architects caused me to reflect on it more this weekend. Growing up I don’t think I recognized the town’s uniqueness as I was simply trying to be a kid fitting in like any other kid. A recent article regarding Columbus led me to reflect back and I remembered a black and white crayon drawing I created in 3rd grade.Columbus Comp It looks like a typical child’s drawing, but then I thought about it further. The drawing is of a Harry Weese designed church that stood on the hill across from my Edward Larrabe Barnes designed elementary school.Col 03

That drawing was then framed and hung in our county library designed by I.M.Pei next to the Henry Moore sculpture I used to bang my little hands on to create the hollow sound of the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz. The sculpture was centered in a brick plaza across from the North Christian Church designed by Eliel Saarinen. Clearly, my childhood was not so typical and perhaps I was being subtly brainwashed in the community’s design-centric spirit. I truly can’t recall ever thinking about design, but clean architectural lines in austere landscapes definitely feel at home to me.  Col 02

The article by the American Institute of Architects recognizes Columbus as one of the most celebrated concentrations of mid-century architecture in the country. While it gets into details about the future challenges of physical preservation of their buildings it speaks to preserving a community philosophy around good design — The other thing that needs to be preserved is this intangible thing—a community that wants good design. The idea that needs to be preserved is the value of making good things. — which is something many of us feel is important for our own community of Asheville.cdnassets.hw-2

Whether a Columbus type of philosophy can be applied here remains to be seen, but it is worth considering something of our very own beyond the past and for our future. In the meantime you can red the full article here. Enjoy your Sunday. Cheers!

Designing Our Future

f8268275eb31b2f256a8e2363772c394Building a Legacy for the Future

In continuing this series I was thinking about my childhood hometown of Columbus, Indiana. One man inspired a legacy of quality design in Columbus which has amassed to over 60 notable buildings for a town of 44,000. In searching for an overview to share with you I found this 12 minute NPR podcast from the “Destination Art” series on Weekend Edition. If you have some time it is worth a listen. There are some nice points made on both architecture and community. Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 8.14.37 PM

J. I. Miller, the visionary behind Columbus, Indiana’s architectural legacy states “mediocrity is expensive”.  Today, my hometown continues his legacy without him and this small, conservative town in the mid-west continues to reap the cultural and economic benefits whether they are all aware or not. What they build — matters. Unlike Columbus, Asheville doesn’t need to take the path of hiring international architects to create a legacy. We have the resources, inspiration and talent to literally design our own future based on the cultural values of Asheville and it’s citizens today. Cheers! Troy