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MILAGRO | Daniel Nevins Art Opening

14591838_10209133278186231_6735387753738974121_nHi Folks! Our friend, artist Daniel Nevins, will be having a show opening this Friday at the Satelite Gallery at 55 Broadway St downtown. His show is titled MILAGRO and we are excited to see his new works. Door opens at 6pm and we hope to see you there. Cheers!

Art Opening | Daniel Nevins

WITH A MIGHTY HAND | Tora Paintings and Abstraction12046990_10206331540824548_4606392763313396837_n

Folks! One of our favorites is having an opening on Thursday night the 24th. Artist Daniel Nevins will be showcasing a variety of his work at the S. Tucker Cooke Gallery in Owen Hall at UNCA from 6 to 8 pm. Why don’t we all just go. See you there!

Daniel Nevins | A Trembling World

Untitled-2 2In honor of springing forward let’s start the week off with something evolutionary, shiny and bright. Friend, artist Daniel Nevins, sent me a snap of his latest painting the other day. {I’m a huge fan!} This piece is entitled “A Trembling World.” According to Daniel, “It is his visual reminder that hidden beneath that cold, brittle layer of nature, and perhaps our own nature, that we feel this time of year, there lies a warm throbbing, a fecundity, a vitality, simply waiting for its moment to be reborn, again and again, forever.” The man is tapped in! For past articles on Daniel just type in his name in our blog search on the right. Cheers! Troy

Daniel Nevins at CAM

Local artist Daniel Nevins was recently selected for a show that opened at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh this past week. I sat and spoke with Daniel on Saturday about the amazing turn out for the NC Arts Council Artist Fellowship Award Exhibition featuring 15 artists, crafts-people and filmmakers across the state. He was overwhelmed by the turn out and support the community showed there for the museum. Daniel and I also got to brainstorm about producing an art event sometime later this year. Cheers to Daniel for this great honor at CAM!Daniel Comp


The Living Art of Daniel NevinsDavid 01

It has been over a month since I visited the studio of painter Daniel Nevins. I’ve struggled to put words to my experience with his art. During my visit I lost all sense of time and space given the intimate experience with his vast paintings and left questioning myself in the process. So, I have needed time and space to distance myself and reflect. Daniel 02

As a former Disney and Hallmark storyteller, the most intuitive way for me to provide you an empathetic experience of my time there is to walk you through a fictional tale of my own making. {As my psychologist you would be expecting this.}  Visualize that sometime in the distant future a superior being began masterfully combining DNA of various living and non-living beings that may include the Virgin Mary, Peacocks and Sea Coral to create new, infant, living creatures walking the earth. This creator allowed these new creatures to grow up to experience the darks and lights of puberty including both want and bliss, along with, both the aloneness and pride of being singularly unique in the world. Just as these new creatures were gaining a foothold into the world and transitioning to knowing adults — the creator caught, gutted and turned the living flesh inside out for study and exploration. On display were the being’s inner, emotional landscapes {soulscapes} and recorded life experiences. Witnessed are the darks and lights, hopes and fears of a rich and brief, conscious earthly life. Daniel 03

Skillfully, Daniel uses color, line and imagery to take you on a journey of dualities: the familiar and the aloof, the comfortable and uncomfortable, the intelligible and elusive. Your eye follows the curves and lines of the paintings, like a needle on an LP, revealing hidden information for your senses. The rhythm of complimentary and flowing colors pushes, pulls and massages you into these soulscapes so skillfully that you don’t realize you are being lured into an intimate experience until it is too late. It’s the seduction of a new lover by an experienced one. The deeply rational masked by the seemingly irrational.Daneil 06

Orbiting back to earth — Daniel is currently preparing for a show opening at Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh. The opening celebration is next Thursday, Feb 6th. For more information click here. To see more of his art visit his website. I’ve added Daniel to my list of artists to follow and am looking forward to watching his evolution over time.