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Postwar Icon Joseph Eichler

Over the course of his career, famed midcentury developer Joseph Eichler built roughly 11,000 homes. By marrying the postwar trend for tract houses with architect-designed plans, Eichler offered middle-class homebuyers the opportunity to own a well-made, still relatively low-cost home that felt, in a word, designed. Enjoy the rest of this article by Lamar Anderson at Curbed San Francisco HERE.

Modern Monday

A Renovated 1965 Eichler | This inspirational piece came across our feed courtesy of our friends at DesignMilk and Carolin Williamson. Michael Hennessey Architecture lead the renovation of the iconic Eichler home. The Diamond Heights Renovation project carefully brought about modern updates to the post & beam house, while preserving the original details that make these structures so iconic. For the rest view the article here. Cheers!

The Simple Home

Throwback Thursday’s Retro-Rama

Hi Folks! In honor of that special Facebook day we thought we would share some of our growing mid-century inspiration boards just for fun. We have everything  you need from:39e2f520b189d2d9b4e8df6cd15bc027

General Mid-Century Design heref549e87e42c840ec37b81d3e1219036a

…to Retro Interiors from magazines here1b7a67fc3d2e9a2202340638d7a34b3c

…and Mid-Century Home Plans here96623c2bfb3ac56bfb3ede542506a9cd

….and bringing it all back home to Asheville here. Exploring further you’ll find boards on everything from Eames to Eichler. Enjoy!

The Art of the Eichler

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 4.51.36 PMAs it happens some of the best things can be found searching the internet on a sleepless work night. I thank Kelly for finding this article which mirrors our own career paths, both past and present, and our combined passion for unique architectural homes with a modern twist. Whether they are mid-century or today’s modern we see them as art. Enjoy this article by Monique Lombardelli, a kindred spirit indeed. Cheers!

Modern Community | Eichler

This is an intriguing video. Though primarily on Eichler it provides a sense of community established by shared interests in a modern environment.
It’s worth a watch. Enjoy! Troy