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Modern Asheville 2 Modern Atlanta

IMG_4491Kelly and I were invited to attend the Modern Atlanta | Design is Human Week. Though we did not get to attend the full week given our extensive client load we were able to experience the two main events at the end of the week. MA Atlanta Comp 01

The first night we attended the product showcase at ADAC {Atlanta Decorative Arts Center}. Various builders, designers, artisans and products were showcasing their trades. We, also, attending a lecture on Product Design with national industrial designers. On Saturday we spent the day touring 11 modern residential properties. We talked with builders doing more modest structures using everyday materials and very high-end, luxurious homes using the latest products and finishes.  To see photos from our tour click hereMA Comp 02

A special thanks to Elayne DeLeo who heads Modern Atlanta and invited us to attend. What an amazing accomplishment. Thank you so much!