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Contrast | Black and White

New Show at Blue Spiral GalleryBlue Spiral 02

Prior to some meetings downtown I popped into the Blue Spiral. One of the current shows features a variety of their artists using works in Black and White only. Included were a couple of our team favorites such as artists Hoss Haley and George Peterson. Take a moment and stop in the next time you are near Biltmore Ave. Cheers!Blue Spiral 01

Events this Friday, October 23rd

Hi Folks! Friday seems to have some cool events going. Here’s the skinny for those interested in participating. Cheers!

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.22.03 AM

12 NOON | “Works in Progress” by Arne Emerson, design Principal at Morphosis Architects at Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center

Focusing on the interaction between design, technology and fabrication, Emerson will outline how ‘process’ emerges as the central driver and catalyst for bringing theory and contextual research into realized form.

This is part of our ongoing speaker series “Ideas Without Walls: In Between the Spaces” presenting speakers working across disciplines to research and implement new ideas in theory and design. For more info here is the link.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.25.13 AM

The Haen Gallery | The Lumberyard Arts District in Brevard will be buzzing on Friday night as artists from The Haen Gallery and Lumberyard Studios gather to present new work, demonstrate techniques, and present installation art during Brevard’s Gallery Walk from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.34.17 AM

The Circle Factory in Brevard will, also, be open featuring our favorite artists including George Peterson, Shellie Lewis and Ashley Lowe. Here is a link to the event.

Modern Asheville | End of May Events

CalendarHi Folks! Early summer has us packed with activities. This upcoming weekend we will be finishing off May with a week full of Modern Asheville supported events. Click on the links below for more information. In the meantime stay dry this week. Cheers!


MA Modern House Tour | 10am to 4pm in Asheville and Fontana

Circle Factory Studio Sale | 4pm in Brevard

Haen Gallery Opening Reception | ARTICULATIONS | 5 to 8pm in Brevard


Asheville Flea for Y’all | 9am to 4pm at the Salvage Station in Asheville

MA Modern House Tour | 10am to 4pm at the Kenilworth House

Artist George Peterson | Calling All Skaters

thOur buddy George is need of used skateboards for an art project he is working on. All need to be in one piece, but can have some cracks. He will pay for them including shipping. He is looking for almost 100 of them. Help him out! George can reach him at the Circle Factory. Cheers! Troy

Blue Spiral | Art Opening Thursday

Blue Spiral is having an extensive opening this Thursday with two floors of new works including our friend George Peterson. See you there! TroyScreen Shot 2014-05-27 at 7.01.12 AM

Artist George Peterson

IMG_3270During a recent trip to Brevard I was finally able to meet with artist George Peterson. It has been a year since I stumbled upon his work in an Asheville venue and I was an immediate fan. I witnessed five skateboards mounted in a row that had been cut, burned, scarred and painted as tribal art. The iconic, pop culture shapes had been put through destruction and rebirth giving them an immediate and powerful new story that holds my attention even today.

Geoge’s studio occupies a mid-century church building in the Arts District of Brevard. The sanctuary has been built out as a skate boarding and performance venue while the adjacent rooms are filled with his equipment and materials. He calls himself a “working class” artist and dedicates himself from 8 to 5 daily on his craft there.George Comp

George is self-taught. His influences are Andy Goldsworthy, David Nash, Finn Juhl, Bob Stocksdale, tribal art and punk rock. The combination of influences from 100-year-old tribal art, 80’s California to the Western North Carolina mountains and interior fashion today make them from a time period and world all of their own. His graphic and rhythmic twist to classic wood-turning gives his pieces a rawness and vulnerability that evoke history and narrative. For me, it takes an intuitive hand to craft something that offers subtle complexity masked by simplicity. In George’s hands, Punk is reinvented and becomes a timeless and sophisticated art form.

George’s work will be showcased in a new show later this month at Blue Spiral 1 gallery in downtown Asheville. For more on his work visit his website.