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Maker Spotlight | Lexington Glassworks

interiorYesterday, I stopped by Lexington Glassworks having strolled past their open door a few times a week on my way to my “go-to” yoga studio Go Yoga. Having arrived a bit too early I decided to finally step into the space. Wow! I had no idea how established of a venue it was. I could always see that the product was well IMG_4786crafted, but the space itself was equally and thoughtfully crafted, too. From layout to detail they have created a mindful experience around glass blowing making it a blend of retail, education and cool social space. I’ll refrain from saying a whole lot more, but simply encourage you to visit. Their own space and website tells their story better than I so I’ll step back and let them take over. If you haven’t been — GO. They have a beer on tap and a schedule for live music. Cheers!Lex Two

Hayden Dakota Wilson | Opening

photo 1Kelly and Chett went down to the Wedge to see Hayden Dakota Wilson’s opening at Ananda West next to Splurge. Hayden is an Asheville native and second generation glass blower. He has been working professionally as a blower and caster for the past six years. Currently, he manages the hot shop at the Asheville Glass Center where he makes art and teaches classes. Want to see more? Click herecomp