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FOR SALE | Finely Crafted Mountain Home

Zen and the Art of Fine Home LivingFinely Crafted Zen Mountain-MLS_Size-002-Front-1024x768-72dpi

“It’s the sides of the mountain which sustain life, not the top.”

This quote by Robert M. Pirsig from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance offers the spirit behind this hand crafted, artful and life enriching home nestled into the mountainsides of Waynesville. Similar to a Swiss watch or British sailing boat you won’t find a more finely tuned and thoughtfully detailed home. The warm and gentle environment hugs you while the engineering comforts you with a lifetime of security and low maintenance living.Comp

Designer Traci Kearns mindfully refined the interiors to balance openness with intimacy and a warm palette with cool detailing. The interior gently steps outward into the landscape cultivated to welcome wildlife and nurtured by a cascading waterfall just off your outdoor living space. This enlightened and heirloom worthy home is one that you or your family can escape to for generations of relaxed moments and memories.

It is here where you can enjoy both the journey and the destination.Finely Crafted Zen Mountain-MLS_Size-024-Patio-1024x768-72dpi

The 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2517 sq ft green home built in 2009 is not on the MLS, but offered as an exclusive pocket listing by Modern Asheville Real Estate. Call Kelly or Troy for a detailed package on its numerous quality features, pricing and showing instructions. Contact us at hello@modernasheville.com or 828.552.4811. In the meantime take the full tour here. Cheers!

Hudson St Home | Project Update

IMG_8381Kelly and I stopped by to see how Earthtone Builders were doing on the new home construction we sold for them. The low maintenance, energy-efficient, one level 3 bedroom home will, also, be home to one of our buyer clients this fall. The concrete slab with radiant heat floors is in place along with walls and roof trusses as they proceed to wrap the exterior. Kelly and I both thought the scale of the spaces was a great balance between large and open while remaining simple and efficient. Stay tuned for monthly updates on this one. Cheers!IMG_8379

Pending Sale | 108 Hudson St.

NW 1Kelly and I brought our Seller/Builder together with one of our Buyer’s on this modern, shed style home yesterday prior to breaking ground. Greg McGuffey of Earthtone Builders approached us to market his first spec home. Given the home fit our buyer’s needs we were able to bring both parties together early in the process.

The 1480 sqft, 3 bedroom and 2 bath home will be a rare one-level, new build home for West Asheville which is what most of our clients are looking for as they age in place over time. The cutaway2quality, green home Greg thoughtfully designed is earth friendly, light, airy and low maintenance which will keep it low-cost and sustainable. When completed the home will be Near Net Zero and come with a NC Green Built Gold Certificate. In detail, it will feature concrete floors with radiant heat, concrete counters, vaulted ceilings, bonus loft, stainless appliances and fixtures and topped off with a galvanized metal roof and 5Kw grid-tied solar system. It should be a home our client can live easily and lightly in for decades to come. Follow us along this year as we check in on the building progress with Greg. Cheers! Kelly and TroyNE

New Construction | Red Tree Builders

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Asheville. Kelly and I were able to put the top down and head for the mountains. We met our clients in Versant at their lot to walk them through some design options for building their new home. While there we checked out all the new homes under construction. The Versant community design guidelines allow for more contemporary homes. Yeah!Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.04.06 PM

We got to check out the shed style Katie Ridge home from the most recent Home Builder’s Parade. This 2794 sqft home was constructed by Red Tree Builders. The home is Green Built NC Certified Silver, geothermal heating and cooling system and uses reclaimed materials throughout.Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.03.50 PM

If you want to see a little more here is a link to a YouTube video of the home and location. Enjoy! Troy

Designing Our Future | With Porches and Parks

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.09.23 AMHi Folks. Here is a short audio segment {5 1/2 minutes} from NPR’s “All Things Considered” Cities Project capturing the planning behind a community outside Austin. The community is designed to be convivial, walkable and energy-efficient. Click here to read the article and listen to the podcast.

As I listened to this I considered and compared it to some of our newer communities such as Reynolds Mountain or Biltmore Park. What could we do to add more community and cultural value to new growth and rediscovered neighborhoods? Can we make use of these opportunities to make growth less painful? Last, can we as a community get involved and influence our future? Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.09.36 AM

How to Live without Air Conditioning

Ideas from the Boston Globe

Yesterday, Kelly and I returned from Atlanta’s Modern Home Tour to find my pad rather stuffy. Having been in and out of air conditioned places all day I had become conditioned to air conditioning and decided to get my unit out of the closet and secure it to its seasonal position in the window a month earlier than previous years. Given my 600sqft plB.Globe_No ACace it requires very little. Still I found myself feeling a bit of shame for not being able to stomach a bit of mild discomfort. Having grown up in humid summers I was able to survive and adjust my behavior to live without air conditioning. And living in the mountains we are graced with cooler summers. Until the past decade most homes did not have air conditioning here. I’m not proposing a direction here, but questioning our mindfulness in making choices. Given the mechanics of the last 50 years our designs and lifestyles have evolved to forget how we built in the past and how we adjusted our behavior. Is there a way to incorporate both — a conscious balance that minimizes our usage? Here is a great article from the Boston Globe that digs a bit deeper. Enjoy! Troy

FOR SALE: 25 Cary Lane

MainPrice: $900,000

Size: 3012 sqft

Amenities: 3 Bed + 2.5 Bath + Views + Green

Kelly and I will touring this home today with the owners. I recall when my friend Anthony Brenner was consulting on this house regarding green technologies and construction, but I did not get to see it while it was being built in 2010. It is one of the more green and non-toxic homes in the area. Comp-1

Here is how the listing agent describes it: Contemporary beauty joins innovative green technology for stunning results. Mountain views, private setting, 5.8 miles to downtown. Gracious open spaces, gourmet stainless steel kitchen with extra storage, large pantry, expansive master suite with big custom closets, gorgeous master bath w/walk-in shower. Covered stone patio for entertaining, two decks, and raised bed gardens. 14ft ceilings, dozens of windows bring in the light and nature.

Give Kelly or myself a call if you would like us to show you this home.

FOR SALE: 80 Horizon Hill

80 Horizon Hill MainPrice: $795,000

Size: 2500 – 3000 sqft

Amenities: 3 Beds + 2.5 Baths + Green + View

This is still one of our favorite listings in town and a chance to own one of Asheville’s newer architectural homes on a stunning hill-top between downtown and North Asheville. Neighbored by one of my favorite Bert King designed, mid-century homes along with a modernized ranch owned by one of our top artists and designers in town, the dramatic location seems to have inspired many modern styled constructions. This home was built in 2005 and was designed by PBCL Architects and constructed by Rare Earth Builders. Maria Rusafova, who worked on the home while at PBCL and is a featured Modern Asheville architect, provides more detailed information on this home on her own website.

80 Horizon Hill Comp

Here is how the listing agent describes it, “Stunning contemporary with long-range, year-round views and the latest building technologies from on-demand 544603-1hot water and SIPS roof framing to Loen windows and Icynene insulation. This “green” energy-star home has views from every window, is close to downtown and gives you a peaceful sanctuary to which you will retreat.”

For more information on uniquely modern, mid-century and vintage homes in Asheville give Kelly or myself a call. Enjoy your day!

New Industrial Meets Green

Hendo 01

Yesterday, I was invited to tour Biz611 in Hendersonville with Architect Ken Gaylord, a fellow AIA member. It is a newly opened office building in downtown Hendersonville that was designed to house selected, start up technical companies. The owner/developer of this small office building was very focused on green design and that it be evident throughout the building. Ken and his team were brought in to make his vision reality in this industrialized modern construction.

Hendo 02

The facade was veneered with bricks retained from buildings torn down from the site. Also, it incorporates living walls with plants as shown above. The South wall incorporates a shade structure that simultaneously harnesses solar energy. The interior consisted of recycled walls from a bank in Charleston along with reclaimed glass, wood and even railings used to cover water retention areas externally. For an expanded photographic tour of this building click here.

Go Green Asheville!

Asheville Ranks #5 for Greenest in the Country

ashevilleThanks to modern gal Kelly Erin-Spinney for sharing the word about Asheville’s newest ranking of many. As we all know, green and sustainability are intrinsic to the modern lifestyle of Asheville and part of why we all live here.

For more details on this honor  click here.

Earth Paints of Asheville

Healthy Paints and Finishes of the Earth and for your Home

Recently, I was browsing Yolo:Colorhouse’s website from our sister city and my old stomping grounds, Portland, Oregon. Yolo is a cool company started by artists producing healthy paints. I especially enjoy their marketing style. It occurred to me that we should have a healthy paint company here in Asheville. Doing a quick search I discovered Earth Paints. Rather than trying to pretend I know much about them I have borrowed some of their thoughts from the website. Also, while browsing I found this great video from Healthy Child Healthy World. The message and marketing style work well together.

Finally! Beautiful Paint & Wood Finish without the Poisons!!

wood finishEarthpaint produces only Healthy Sustainable Finish!  Earthpaint was founded by Tom Rioux, a professional painter for 25 years. Tom was poisoned by the paints and wood finish he was told were safe. He narrowly survived. This is the basis for Earthpaint’s deep, life affirming commitment to make strong, safe paint and wood finish. Earthpaint now offers beautiful floor finish, deck stain, wood finish and non-toxic paint products that are as good or better than conventional paint and wood finish. Earthpaint was the first, and may still be the only, USA based Healthy Sustainable Finish manufacturer. Earthpaint is proving that there are better, kinder alternatives. We do not use toxic petrochemical solvents in deck stain. We do not use mineral spirits in our oil wood finish. No naphtha, toluene, xylene, vinyl or benzene in our wood finish. No Poison! We are confident that Earthpaint is providing the safest alternative on the planet!

Our biodegradable paint and wood finish contain non-toxic and natural ingredients derived from plants, vegetables, trees, minerals and elements. Nearly all of these finishing components are gathered locally (within a day’s drive of Asheville, NC) and are domestically produced and harvested. We avoid using anything in our paint and wood finish that gets shipped in from overseas.  Embodied energy and the entire ecological footprint is examined throughout the paint and wood finish formulation process. It is then reexamined on a yearly basis because things change and we need to be responsive to that.

For more information on Earth Paints click here.

Watch this great video from our friends at Healthy Child Healthy World.

Green Advancements Worldwide

Game-Changing Green Advancements You Should Know About

I just read an article from the Huffington Post and had to share a portion of it. They showcased 7 items in the works for Green Advancement worldwide. Here are four that particularly caught my attention. I am especially excited about the green concrete.

Concrete might not seem un-green at first, but it’s actually the third largest source of man-made carbon dioxide! However, several companies are working on changing that. Enter “green concrete,” which not only makes concrete carbon-neutral but even turns it carbon-negative. CO2 absorbing concrete is nothing short of a game-changer.

This isn’t a ferris wheel, it’s the LO2P: Delhi Recycling Center, a concept by firm Atelier CMJN. Built from parts of recycled cars from local junk piles, this novel greenhouse has wind turbines that serve as bio-lungs. While it’s still just a concept, it won first place in this year’s eVolo Skyscraper competition, which means that the greenest buildings of the future will be of an entirely different ilk than we’re used to.

When it comes to green, bigger is almost never better. In that spirit, a new generation of homeowners and homebuilders are focusing on living in tiny eco-friendly homes. Gone are expansive kitchens and bedrooms; instead the focus is on integrating your life as much as possible with the outdoors, and winnowing down your lifestyle in size but not in style. Indeed, many of these tiny homes are very design-focused.

Forget green building–consider entirely green cities. Tianjin Eco-City in China, slated for completion in 2020, will span 30 square kilometers and will include “an advanced light rail transit system and varied eco-landscapes ranging from a sun-powered solarscape to a greenery-clad earthscape for its estimated 350,000 residents to enjoy.”