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Convergence | Divergence

Exploring Black Mountain College + Chicago’s New Bauhaus Institute of Design | Last evening was the opening for Black Mountain College’s newest and most comprehensive exhibit on the college’s beginnings. The seriously stimulating exhibit showcases everything from architecture, textiles, photography and sculpture. A definite must see!BMC Cover

Program Director Alice Sebrell describes it like this, “As we consider the unusual and serendipitous circumstances that led to the founding of and early influence on Black Mountain College {BMC} we quickly encounter the Bauhaus, a lasting force in arts education. The Bauhaus closing dovetailed with BMC’s birth; the two were deeply connected through the powerful presence of Josef and Anni Albers and other refugees who found their way to this isolated rural outpost of progressive education in Western North Carolina. The other prominent recipient of Bauhaus energy and ideas emerged in urban Chicago. The New Bauhaus became the Institute of Design, led by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, an innovative and dynamic teacher, handpicked by Walker Gropius to lead the institution. The two educational forces have since become legendary for their impact on art, education, and ideas. thought the were different in many ways, they shared much. The exhibit investigates those shared connections.”BMC Comp

We recommend you see this exhibit and pick up on the rich creative and cultural foundation of our area. Hopefully, it stimulates you today to bring that energy forward into our collective tomorrow. Cheers to all those who have worked so hard on this one. Well done!