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Saturday, June 4th | Asheville Modern Home Tour Teaser

Hi Folks! We are only a few days away from our 2nd Annual Modern Home Tour. If you haven’t purchased your tickets please go here. You can, also, come to our social the night before and we will help you get tickets. In the meantime here is a quick peek at what is in store for you. You don’t want to miss it. Cheers!primary

The Barnard house by Form and Function Architecture captures the expansive views of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the north and creates a secluded rear buffer. The house is a modern example of a traditional southern archetype of the dog-trot, with the primary sleeping and living areas divided by an entry vestibule.butler-exterior2

The Butler Mountain home by Wilson Architects was conceived as an “L” shaped plan that hides the three car garage and defines the entrance courtyard. Landscaping and a fountain frame the entry path which leads to an all glass foyer. The foyer immediately highlights the mountains beyond and is equipped with pocketing doors that open to a gathering porch. All of the interior living spaces were designed to open to the exterior with large expanses of sliding glass. In the living room, doors fully pocket behind the fireplace to give an unobstructed view, and in the kitchen, doors open to a covered cooking and dining porch. The program required two main level master bedroom suites which are situated at either end of this central living and kitchen area.nantahala-terrace

The Nantahala Mountain home by Bach Design Studio is a mix of minimalistic detailing juxtaposing raw wood, against white walls with tall glass panes, and simple furnishings gives this rustic contemporary home its character. Terraces which surround it create a platform for multiple outdoor leisure spaces sheltered from the weather and with gorgeous views. The spaces weave in and out, framing panoramic views of the mountains and lake to blur the boundaries between inside and outside. This unique house brings back memories of the owners’ home living in Denmark and Atlanta by joining two living and building traditions into an experience.dunkirk-interior

The Dunkirk residence by Wilson Architects was built on a steep infill lot in the Kenilworth neighborhood of Asheville. The slope was circumvented with a 9’ wide pedestrian bridge that accesses the entrance. Glass entry doors open to the living space and double height windows frame the view of the trees behind the house. Additional bedrooms and living space are on the lower level, which walks out to wooded trails to the south of the home. The exterior is clad in stucco with shiplap wood siding accents around the entry. The steel floor framing is exposed throughout the main level, giving the home a slight industrial feel. The white oak floors were made from trees on the site along with several of the wood countersmerrillscove-interior

The Merrill’s Cove by John McDermott features a light space with a floor of polished concrete that sets the stage for gallery style living while absorbing the sun to keep the cool space warm. Rich handcrafted details of ash and oak are used sparingly with plenty of white space to keep the eye uncluttered. The natural beauty of the home veils the mechanics making it near Net Zero in efficiency using both passive and active solar for energy and heating. Further heating and cooling are supported by geothermal heat pump and a wood stove.purdue-exterior-1

Perdue Place by Rusafova-Markulis Architects was design in direct response to site constraints – the home’s footprint is restrained by the site’s set backs and the windows are carefully placed to frame views of the beautiful city forest. Inside, the home feels like a tree house as the trees around it are just a foot away and the large windows create a powerful connection between exterior and interior. Outside, the rich patina of the corten steel veneer panels blends the house into the lush green of the trees.primary-1

The West Chapel by Brickstack Architects was, also, designed in direct response to the extreme conditions imposed by the site. In an effort to both mitigate disturbance to the site as well as create a house that lives primarily on one level, and is easily accessible to the street, the house is entered via a timber and steel bridge. The main body of the house makes generous use of structural steel that cantilevers the structure out over the landscape, allowing the natural site to run freely below the house. Large expanses of glass blur the line between interior space and the tree canopies seemingly mere feet away. To take full advantage of the beautiful natural setting, the house features a dynamic outdoor living porch that is cantilevered 16’ beyond the main living space and 30’ above the landscape. The structural steel is a celebrated and expressive element of the design.

The Flea is here! The Flea is here!

The Flea 4 Y’all is less than a day away. And there are so many reasons to come and hang out by the river at the hippest event in town on Sunday. There will be great food and drink vendors, along with, dozens of purveyors of cool vintage things you want and need: a mid-century coffee table, a rusted sign, the Tom Jones album you were missing.Flea

As Sponsors of the event Kelly and I will be there for Modern Asheville as always. What can we do for you tomorrow beyond providing our clever banter? We can…MA scrap

…sell you tickets to the local Modern Home Tour next Saturday the 4th. And we can sign you up to be the first to get information on a new small modern home development being launched next month by award winning local architects and builders. Yippee! We will have information on our 25 other listings and can answer any of your real estate questions. Does that sound good?IMG_3828

Now that I’ve covered it– see you there! Cheers!

MA2MA | Local Modern Home Tour Coming June 4th!

primary-1Modern Atlanta comes to Modern Asheville | Hi Folks! It is almost here. Our second annual Modern Atlanta and Modern Asheville sponsored Home tour here in Asheville. This year we will have 7 homes on the tour. To purchase  tickets please go HERE .unspecifiedThe tour will take place on Saturday, June 4th from 10am to 4pm. Some of the best of WNC contemporary homes will be on display. For more detailed information on the homes and to purchase tour tickets please go HERE or sign up for the EVENTS PAGE to get updates. Also, join us for our pre-tour social at the Supper Club on Friday evening HERE. We can’t wait to see you out there. Cheers!nantahala-terrace

Enter the George Matsumoto Prize Competition Today!

MatsuHello Architects, Designers and Home Owners! There are only six days left to submit an entry for the annual George Matsumoto Prize — our partners at NC Modernist Houses architectural design awards. We have had several WNC winners in the past few years.

The Matsumoto Prize provides motivating honors and incentives for a new generation of architects; contributes to wider public recognition of Modernism in all its forms (architecture, art, furniture, and fashion); and recognizes the significant economic and aesthetic impact of Modernist design across North Carolina.21 St Charles Pl Asheville NC-small-001-Front-666x445-72dpi

The Matsumoto Prize is the only juried architecture competition in North Carolina that focuses exclusively on Modernist houses, provides financial awards, involves a national jury plus public voting, and connects to a major architectural archive. The Prize meaningfully and powerfully engages the public with the architecture they love and showcases exceptional Modernist architects and designers in North Carolina.

For more information go here. Cheers!

MA2MA | Modern Home Tour

primary-1Modern Atlanta comes to Modern Asheville | Hi Folks! It is coming. Our second annual Modern Atlanta and Modern Asheville sponsored Modern Home tour here in Asheville. This year we will have 7 homes on the tour. unspecifiedThe tour will take place on Saturday, June 4th from 10am to 4pm. Some of the best of WNC contemporary homes will be on display. For more detailed information on the homes and to purchase tour tickets please go HERE or sign up for the EVENTS PAGE to get updates. We can’t wait to see you out there. Cheers!nantahala-terrace

the Roots of Modernism | the Arts and Crafts Period

Image-69When moving here Asheville was endlessly celebrated for Art Deco and Arts & Crafts periods of design. Modern structures did not get any attention. Always pulling for the underdog I sought to expose the hidden modern through our region and ignored the popular. However, triggered by a recent conversation, I was reminded that we don’t often relate our local and pervasive Arts and Crafts architecture to modernism. We tend to think of it as decorative and historic from our vantage point in the here and now. The truth is that the Arts and Crafts movement formed the roots to 20th century modernism. Rather than my trying to explain it please enjoy this linked article by Anthony Denzer for deeper insight into design and manufacturing in the first half of our last century. Then when finished take a look at Modern Asheville’s pinterest pageArt and Crafts comp on local architect Richard Sharp Smith and consider some of the stripped down architecture, simplistic forms and exposed natural materials compared to that of the Victorian era and you can see the influence on some of the modern designs being drafted by local architects today. Cheers!Celo-Exterior-Twilight-e1410184725575

photo courtesy of Samsel Architects

Vote for Samsel Architecture

Fine Homebuilding 2016 Houses AwardsFontana-FHB-Award

Our friends at Samsel Architects are up for an award again this year.  Their Fontana Lake Residence which was on the modern tour last year has been chosen as a finalist for Fine Homebuilding 2016 Houses Readers’ Choice Award! Voting is open now until February 26 at midnight. Votes are limited to one a day per person but you can vote every day until the contest ends.Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 4.44.43 AM

If the project wins, it will be featured in a two-page spread in Fine Homebuilding Houses issue later this year. Please take some time to vote by clicking here.

Cheers from the Modern Asheville Real Estate team!

Designing Our Future | 010

Less Charlotte | More Copenhagen

As a designer, realtor and resident of Asheville I have had fantasies that the development of our city was influenced by more European lifestyle models, as opposed to, American ones.

I’m not alone in this thinking given multiple conversations with business partners, friends and neighbors. I’m particularly drawn to the design, cultural and sustainable influences of Scandinavian countries. Many times I’ve attempted to capture these thoughts over the years, but recently found these articles by Build LLC out of Seattle that seem to pick up on the spirit behind these thoughts.

“The principles that the Danes operate with and the philosophy that they exude seem to make for an ideal environment — a deliberate environment. What we learned about life and design while living in Scandinavia influences every house we design and every dinner party we throw”

As you read through these two articles, Studies, Scandinavia & Schnapps & 10 Things We Learned in Scandinaviathink about how it could apply to both the environment, culture and spirit of the city we love and the evolution into our shared future. How do you want to live and what do you want us to become? Proost!BUILD-051-500x375


Help for Blue Ridge Pride Center

11227552_10153052073297857_8636974587056544522_nHi Folks! One of the several organizations we support had some financial challenges this year. Their major event was 98% rained out and they unfortunately lost money. Kelly, Matt and myself are still drying out from the attempt. Now they are in the middle of campaign to make up that loss. Here is a note from them:

“We now estimate the loss of $16,500 on pride. Pride is having a $16.50 fundraiser. You can donate your $16.50 with a check, or online through our website. blueridgepride.org. By mail “Blue Ridge pride center”, PO Box 2044, Asheville, NC 28802. We our now starting 2016 and working on the events for this year, your help is needed. Update; we are at 9%, our goal $16,500,00 Your support to-date $1,510.00.”12074643_10153569615431132_471508689227192302_n

Thank’s so much for your support and hope to see you there in Fall of 2016. We will be there — crazy pants and all!

Modern In The Movies | Beginners

the Lovell House by Richard Neutra79b3a4e64c23f3a8d26f929a76912519

In the quiet first scenes of director Mike Mills’s autobiographical 2011 film Beginners we see Ewan McGregor’s character (playing Mills’s alter ego) cleaning up and removing items from sparsely decorated rooms of a house both seemingly unoccupied and not his own. The house in question is Richard Neutra’s international modernist masterpiece, the Lovell Health House. We soon find out that, within the film, the house was owned by McGregor’s character’s late father (played perfectly by Christopher Plummer).6a00d8341c630a53ef0167626b6bae970b-600wi
Completed in 1929, this icon of L.A. architecture had previously featured in the excellent 1997 film noir, LA Confidential. However, while that film highlighted the house’s unique exterior, Beginners favors interior shots, the filmmakers utilizing the plethora of windows lining the house for natural lighting. Also essential to these interior shots is the myriad of mid-century furniture pieces owned by Plummer’s character (which were apparently supplied by various members of the film crew!).6a00d8341c630a53ef0168e76c01e9970c-600wi
 As for the film itself, it’s easily one of the best romantic dramas of the 2000s and is an unqualified success for Mills, especially considering Beginners is only his second film (his third is currently in production). The cast is uniformly excellent, but Melanie Laurent as McGregor’s character’s love interest might steal the show, proving that her stunning performance in 2009’s Inglorious Basterds was no fluke.movie-beginners-stills-1657194450
For more on the Lovell Health House go here, and check out Beginners on Netflix streaming.
Contributed by Buyer’s Specialist Matt Allen — an avid film buff and creator of Asheville Film Snobs Anonymous group.

Why Modern Architecture Came Back?

I read through this reflective article on Modernism this morning. I thought there were some interesting points that showcase its place in our built environment both from the past and for today. Enjoy!modernismlede

“Not all of the original credos of Modernism have stuck around, but Modernism still retains an outsized currency in the design world. For this story I asked 10 architects across the country to weigh in on its legacy. Some felt threatened by what they saw as Modernism’s continuing and outdated influence. Others simply rejected it. Still others determined that by embracing it, their own work was more disciplined and forward-thinking.”

Hands On Design + Build Remodeling

Introducing Patrick FarrarScreen Shot 2015-12-11 at 3.36.07 PM

Kelly and I sat down for one of our portfolio lunches to chat with Patrick Farrar this past week. Patrick is a recent transplant from Palm Springs, otherwise known as Mid-Century Mecca in the states. Patrick has been renovating such homes for 23 years know. Prior to that he restored furniture for a retailer in Miami. Patrick - 02

As a designer Patrick’s aesthetic has been influenced by the design rich communities he has lived in; San Francisco, Miami and Palm Springs. He brings to his clients an ability to edit and simplify their environment while giving it an overall sophisticated and bold expression.Pat Comp 01

As a builder he prefers doing as much of his work hands-on as possible. “I tend to be an orderly guy,” says Patrick. He prefers to maintain some control of the process and end quality. His knowledge of cost-effective procedures and today’s materials adds great value to every project. Patrick -3

His overall portfolio includes many styles of both personal environments to commercial. While I chose to focus on some of his modern interpretations in these photos he enjoys bringing his vision to more traditional homes as well. He is looking forward to seeing how the more earthy aesthetic of Asheville will influence his work. And we look forward to watching. Want to see more of Patrick’s work? Visit either his HOUZZ page or his Website.Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 3.34.19 PM

And remember that the Modern Asheville Real Estate team can you find the resources for purchasing or selling your modern home, but the team to envision and create your new nest in the mountains.