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Designing Our Future | The Missing Middle

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.06.01 AMYesterday, following a closing on a property for one of our investor clients {YEAH!} Kelly and I attended a meeting with AIA Asheville and a member of our city’s planning department on the movement towards changing our zoning to allow more density and housing types in some of our neighborhoods. If interested the presentation can be seen HERE. The city is looking for your input so, also, go HERE and take the survey following. This is your chance to help influence the future of your community. Cheers!

Asheville Infill Housing Survey

thumb_AVL_City_Logo_-_long-589d8974-4de0-4c81-937e-45781366ada8The City of Asheville’s Planning Department is exploring options for removing barriers and allowing for more small-scale residential infill housing types. They are looking for your input so go HERE and take the survey. This is your chance to influence the future of your community. Cheers!ss-1

Calling All Modern Asheville Home Buyers

Your Information Needed

Asheville Modern Home Seekers and other Brokers – I would appreciate your time and input to help influence future housing developments here in Asheville for two similar reasons.

1.  As housing exists today in Asheville, I believe we are missing inventory to meet specific buyer expectations for today. My frustrated clients would agree. Kelly and I are currently in touch with developers and builders for various locations including photo 4the River Arts District, a riverside just north of downtown and scenic mountain properties. I can’t give details, but they involve container housing, modular and site built, age-in-place, one level modern. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your specific needs and desires to help get consensus as these properties go into design development. Let’s avoid the arbitrary. Furthermore, I will create a mailing list for interested parties to imageskeep you informed of future developments you might be interested in.

2. To further communicate what is missing, I’m putting together a lecture/discussion that is partially on what people are seeking as housing options in Asheville. This information will be used to help influence builders and designers regionally. As a designer/realtor myself I’m working to bridge the gap I see in today’s Asheville housing stock.

If interested, please email me at troywinterrowd@gmail.com and leave me with the best time and way to reach you. Help me – help you. Let’s co-design and, literally, build a better future here in Asheville.

Thank you,


(the above photos are representational only)