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Retro Pendant Lights at Stuff Antiques

IMG_0367I made a quick stop downtown while showing one of our condo listings to Stuff Antiques. We have another client looking for some vintage fixtures so I thought I would be helpful and check their current inventory to pass along. I spotted this row of retro fixtures. Stop by 52 Broadway if interested. They also do great lamp repairs. Cheers! Troy

Rustic + Recycled Lighting

metro compYears back my architectural college pals, Christa Rybczynski and Lawrence Grown, moved to Berkeley to open their own light fixture manufacturing company. With a natural affinity towards green and recycled they recently launched a series crafted with used alcohol bottles. The aesthetic seems to reflect the rustic trend in interiors, both commercial and residential, seen in Asheville along with the popularity of craft cocktails and brewing. Go here to see the new line along with their entire collection. Better yet — place an order. Cheers! Troy


photo-10I attended the opening of a new shop, Splurge, on Thursday night – a few steps down from the Wedge Brewery in the River Arts District. Though I use the word shop, the experience was that of a  gallery given the artistic vision and curated collection of vintage furnishings and curiosities created by the owner, Robert Nicholas, and a handful of his artistic friends. Robert has a distinctive eye for picking vintage objects and crafting light fixtures that defy conventional scale and textures. So, if you have a space that’s beggin’ for a conversational focal piece stop by 123B Roberts St. Bring a truck!

Splurge Comp

Modern Lighting for your Home at LUX

Having driven by LUX Lighting for over a year I thought a visit was long overdue.  LUX Lighting is an architectural lighting retail store offering design services for your lighting needs.  Christi Butts, who is the owner and a certified lighting consultant, says,”We really love to get in at the ground level and do the lighting design in the planning stages.  It offers more opportunities for the property owner.”  On staff is David Terry, an experienced and certified lighting designer.  LUX staff has created lighting designs for the Capital Center Building remodel in downtown Asheville, the Usual Suspects restaurant, many modern downtown condos and residential homes in exclusive communities.  

I asked Christi what she would tell people when starting their home planning stages that we don’t often think about.  She talked about all the different levels of lighting throughout a home.  There can be anywhere from 3 to 5 levels of lighting in the kitchen. 1. General or Recessed Lighting  2. Task or under cabinet lighting  3. Decorative Pendants  4. Art Lighting  5.  Night Lighting/Toe Kick Lighting.  Overall, there is a lot to consider in balancing the sources of light so you don’t get either shadows or glare.

What do they sell?  They sell fixtures to complete your home from front to back whether you are remodeling or starting from scratch.  Though their showroom leans towards modern they have all styles of fixtures for every type of home.  Worth noting is that they are the only dealers in WNC for “Modern Fans”.  

While finishing up our discussion Christi stated, ” Most of us don’t know we are living in poor lighting until we have experienced really good lighting.  That particularly comes across in bathrooms.  Most fixtures on the market create strong shadows that aren’t flattering for us.”  I agreed.  It is the same way I feel about most floor plans of developer homes.  Most people don’t know a good floor plan until you have lived in a well laid out one.  It really can change your life and make living easier and more enjoyable.  From my personal experience reworking your lighting is one to the simplest and most effective ways to change and enhance your living experience.  So when you are ready to do so stop by and visit the folks at LUX Lighting at 105 Broadway St. in downtown Asheville.  They make it easy with in home consultations.