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Designing Our Future

f8268275eb31b2f256a8e2363772c394Building a Legacy for the Future

In continuing this series I was thinking about my childhood hometown of Columbus, Indiana. One man inspired a legacy of quality design in Columbus which has amassed to over 60 notable buildings for a town of 44,000. In searching for an overview to share with you I found this 12 minute NPR podcast from the “Destination Art” series on Weekend Edition. If you have some time it is worth a listen. There are some nice points made on both architecture and community. Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 8.14.37 PM

J. I. Miller, the visionary behind Columbus, Indiana’s architectural legacy states “mediocrity is expensive”.  Today, my hometown continues his legacy without him and this small, conservative town in the mid-west continues to reap the cultural and economic benefits whether they are all aware or not. What they build — matters. Unlike Columbus, Asheville doesn’t need to take the path of hiring international architects to create a legacy. We have the resources, inspiration and talent to literally design our own future based on the cultural values of Asheville and it’s citizens today. Cheers! Troy