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Modern Monday

barbaraCatching Up with Artist Barbara Fisher | I stopped by for my yearly trek to Barbara’s studio over the weekend. Barbara was the first artist I wrote about eight years ago today so it has become a little tradition for us. img_7516

Barbara has always been both super prolific and evolutionary in her work. One can look around her studio and see her journey as an artist. Currently she has been led to work with mixing acrylic and ink on canvas in a series she calls img_7513“Tangled Mapping.” The works appear as aerial views of chaotic cities, intricate weavings, interstices, energy blips or the fabric of the “ether” around us. She relates them to slices of our thoughts at any moment in time or the invisible chemical trails of the energy between us these days. tangle-36x361

Barbara has recently been working on collaborations with German photographer Norbert Guthier. As Guthier travels he selects artists in various cities to work with him on art. Below is one of their most recent collaborations called “The Sky is Crying.”unnamed-2

Barbara’s work can be found in various cities across the country and you can find Barbara most days in her studio at 170 Lyman St in the River Arts District. Or peruse her website here and check out some of my past posts on Barbara here. Enjoy our Monday. Cheers!

Modern Monday | Artist Brief

linda-01Linda McCane Gritta | Last week I was able to pause and visit with artist, and Modern Asheville friend, Linda McCane Gritta at her painting studio along the river in Woodfin. It didn’t surprise me to find her along the river as her work is naturally watery and an element she is at home around. Though a Chicago native Linda and her work have that Northern California vibe {I call it Urban Zen} of grounded coolness mixed with the water and shimmering light of the bay area using those complimentary Diebenkorn-ish warms and cools I love.linda-02

Linda graduated from the New York Studio School in 2001 followed by a BFA from Converse College in 2004 and has been producing full steam ever since. Though Linda enjoys her figural work, expressing the figure in relaxed, natural contexts, she loves the gut level adventure of abstraction. The process uses that push-pull of both intuition and intellect, chaos and balance, control and surrender that we see all around us in nature. She likens the “letting go” process to jumping off a skyscraper and having to fashion your own net on the way down being left with moments of inherent experience and instinct as resources.img_6014

Linda currently exhibits her work in both North and South Carolina and New York City. Her work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. Also, she is represented by Serena & Lily of Sausalito and Libby Silvia ArtStyle in Boston. She recently contributed one of her abstract paintings for the Raise Your Hand WNCap Auction last month. To see more of her colorful work visit her website here. Enjoy!linda-04

Artist Brief | Barbara Fisher’s Blue Period

Barbara Fisher BlueI stopped in for a visit with our beloved Barbara Fisher yesterday. Barbara, currently going through a “Blue Period” of her very own, has been experimenting with a cooler color palette. As always I’m amazed at her consist work ethic and prolific work amassed in her studio. Make sure you pay her a visit on the main floor of Warehouse Studios at 170 Lyman St in the River Arts District. Cheers to you Barbara!IMG_3681

Ray Spillenger | Rediscovery of a Black Mountain Painter

Join Black Mountain College Museum + Art for their first exhibition in 2016 on Friday, January 22nd from 5:30 to 8:00pm. Go here for the invite.

BackMountainCollegeRaySpillengerCompositionCurated by Dr. Theodore E. Stebbins Jr., Curator of American Art, Emeritus, Harvard Art Museums, this exhibition features mainly early work created just after Spillenger’s summer at Black Mountain College with Willem de Kooning and Josef Albers, among others. After leaving Black Mountain College, Spillenger moved to New York City, where he became a member of “the Club,” Cedar Tavern regular, and friend to Abstract Expressionist luminaries including Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, and Philip Guston. Despite significant contributions to the formation of the New York School, Spillenger did not find commercial and critical success: he was pushed to the margins of the art market during his lifetime, then into the shadows of art history. Ray Spillenger: Rediscovery of a Black Mountain Painter invites a re-examination of 20th-century American art history through a corpus of work made privately and rarely shown to the public. A full color catalogue will accompany the exhibition.

Gallery talk by the Curator at 6:45. See you there. Cheers!

Create Boldly | the Art of Maxey Andress

Maxey CompAllow Modern Asheville to introduce you to artist Maxey Andress and welcome him to the Asheville scene. Maxey, a successful artist, thinker, designer and entrepreneur, is originally from Atlanta, but currently resides here in Asheville. He has been working with our Real Estate team on special projects soon to be announced. His artistic Oakley nest here in the mountains provides him both a place to relax and indulge his creative {and ultimately business} spirit. As a true Renaissance man we welcome his creativity to our growing art and design community here.Andress_Levity_acryliconpanel_36x23.75_2014_72

Maxey’s work on canvas explores moments, movements and juxtapositions seemingly suspended, illuminating journeys through spaces that expand or contract, often inferring themes of duality. It is where there is a sense of the familiar and mysterious, the contemporary and the futuristic,
that which is structured and that which is happenstance, existing
always side by side.Comp

Along with Charlton Bradsher Art and Design, Maxey’s work will be showcased at our next Modern Mixer on Friday, January 22nd. Come by and see his amazing work, meet Maxey, Charlton and our team. Click here for details and to sign up. All are absolutely welcome. Cheers!

Jeremy at the Junction

jeremy compIf you haven’t dined at the Junction lately it is time to stop by. Local artist Jeremy Russell’s work is vibrantly displayed throughout. Jeremy, is both a fine artist and scenic painter having worked in the entertainment industry. His work is conceptual in nature and plays with symbolic imagery dealing with issues such as science, sexuality, psychology, human nature, religions, politics and beyond to the universe. Go check out is work in person and visit his website here. Cheers!

Daniel Nevins | A Trembling World

Untitled-2 2In honor of springing forward let’s start the week off with something evolutionary, shiny and bright. Friend, artist Daniel Nevins, sent me a snap of his latest painting the other day. {I’m a huge fan!} This piece is entitled “A Trembling World.” According to Daniel, “It is his visual reminder that hidden beneath that cold, brittle layer of nature, and perhaps our own nature, that we feel this time of year, there lies a warm throbbing, a fecundity, a vitality, simply waiting for its moment to be reborn, again and again, forever.” The man is tapped in! For past articles on Daniel just type in his name in our blog search on the right. Cheers! Troy

Artist Alicia Armstrong | Welcome to the Hood!

Artist Alicia Armstrong has opened her studio in my neighborhood so I had to make a quick stop to say hello rather than continuing to honk at her from my car. She is on the end of Lakeshore Drive where she is remodeling her studio and making space for a framer who will be sharing the storefront with her. Welcome Alicia!Alicia

Mark Bettis | Art Opening

Local Artist Mark Bettis and 5 Walnut Wine Bar hosts exhibit “TEXTURE AND COLOR” June 5-30th at 5 Walnut Wine BarApril Showers_MarkBettis

Opening Reception June 5th, 5-8pm; Partial proceeds to benefit TAPAS program in Asheville Schools and is open to the public.

Mark’s paintings are a synthesis of color, line, texture and form. He applies multiple layers of oil paint mixed with cold wax medium, then cut, scratch and smooth with great energy to let the painting evolve into an abstract interpretation of these elements. He paints in his open studio/gallery on the second floor of the Wedge Studios in the River Arts District.mark Bettis

Part of the proceeds from sales during the exhibit will benefit TAPAS (Teaching Artists Presenting in Asheville Schools), a collaboration between the Asheville City Schools Foundation, LEAF in Streets and Schools, and The University of North Carolina, Asheville’s Craft Studies program. TAPAS connects students with practicing local poets, dancers, potters, and visual artists to be inspired, and touched by opportunities to learn about and create art.

And don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday. Cheers! Troy


The Living Art of Daniel NevinsDavid 01

It has been over a month since I visited the studio of painter Daniel Nevins. I’ve struggled to put words to my experience with his art. During my visit I lost all sense of time and space given the intimate experience with his vast paintings and left questioning myself in the process. So, I have needed time and space to distance myself and reflect. Daniel 02

As a former Disney and Hallmark storyteller, the most intuitive way for me to provide you an empathetic experience of my time there is to walk you through a fictional tale of my own making. {As my psychologist you would be expecting this.}  Visualize that sometime in the distant future a superior being began masterfully combining DNA of various living and non-living beings that may include the Virgin Mary, Peacocks and Sea Coral to create new, infant, living creatures walking the earth. This creator allowed these new creatures to grow up to experience the darks and lights of puberty including both want and bliss, along with, both the aloneness and pride of being singularly unique in the world. Just as these new creatures were gaining a foothold into the world and transitioning to knowing adults — the creator caught, gutted and turned the living flesh inside out for study and exploration. On display were the being’s inner, emotional landscapes {soulscapes} and recorded life experiences. Witnessed are the darks and lights, hopes and fears of a rich and brief, conscious earthly life. Daniel 03

Skillfully, Daniel uses color, line and imagery to take you on a journey of dualities: the familiar and the aloof, the comfortable and uncomfortable, the intelligible and elusive. Your eye follows the curves and lines of the paintings, like a needle on an LP, revealing hidden information for your senses. The rhythm of complimentary and flowing colors pushes, pulls and massages you into these soulscapes so skillfully that you don’t realize you are being lured into an intimate experience until it is too late. It’s the seduction of a new lover by an experienced one. The deeply rational masked by the seemingly irrational.Daneil 06

Orbiting back to earth — Daniel is currently preparing for a show opening at Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh. The opening celebration is next Thursday, Feb 6th. For more information click here. To see more of his art visit his website. I’ve added Daniel to my list of artists to follow and am looking forward to watching his evolution over time.



Fishcake Design

Local Art Becomes Wearable

Having worked in product development with international aritsts I love it when I witness artists taking it upon themselves to repurpose their art for unique applications. Painter Barbara Fisher has recently done this by launching her new design website. She has taken digital images of her paintings to create mirror-image patterns, which are printed onto silk crepe de chine. Backed with solid colored silk habotai the fabric is sewn into luxurious and contemporary, 10″ x 60″ scarves. All are hand made right here in North Carolina. To view these products and others go to “FishcakeDesign.net. I particularly love her use of stories. Very smart Barbara!

Need I mention that Christmas is coming.

Artist Karen Weihs


I had a friendly visit with artist, Karen Weihs, at her new studio in Biltmore Village that she shares with artist, Gayle Paul.  Over coffee we discussed Karen’s love for Abstract Impressionism.  She says, “I just follow the paint where it takes me.

securedownloadIt is part intuition and part exploration of both form and color.  After years of painting it is about letting go and trusting your accumulated knowledge and life experience.”

One of Karen’s life experiences that solidified her direction as an artist was painting along side Charleston artist, Frank Licciardi, for several years.  Licciardi had a successful art career in Charleston with art shows, television shows and gallery sales. He was acknowledged in Charleston as a gifted artist by artists, collectors, and galleries alike.  Frank and Karen became close friends.  She painted alongside him in his Charleston studio up until his death in late 1991.

karen-021Since then Karen has established her own successful art career with gallery shows in Charleston, Atlanta and Asheville at the contemporary Haen Gallery.  Even with success Karen continues to challenge herself as an abstract artist.  She explores subjects from the real world such as landscapes or figures, breaking them down into shapes and color.  securedownload-3Karen believes one needs to know how to paint form first before exploring abstraction successfully.  That is part of what she teaches in the art classes she offers for clients and another way in which Karen challenges herself to learn, by teaching.

Karen’s teaching has further inspired her to create a book called Out of Your Mind.  kwbook1You can understand the richness of Karen’s paintings by understanding the richness of her thought in this book.  She says,” This book was born out of sharing. Through teaching and being taught, I have learned that people who develop their creativity are more confident and courageous in life.”  Karen breaks down a simple way of understanding oil painting, but incorporates life lessons to help you work past your own hurdles to exploring creativity.  Karen generously acknowledges the role many people have played in her life and success as an artist.  Out of Your Mind is Karen’s way of helping others and bringing her creative exploration full circle. kw-end-photo1

I encourage you to visit with Karen in her studio across from the new shopping center in Biltmore Village.      (text by Troy Winterrowd)