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Working with Parker J. Pfister

Photographer Parker Pfister, one of the creatives in our Modern Asheville Collective and good friend, has been busy working with Kelly and myself on  photos, upcoming events and listing his personal home. Here is a recent shot he did or our dynamic duo at Modern Asheville Real Estate. 140205_TK_14-Edit

Soon to be listed is Skyfall Lodge, the Parker family’s hip, countryside retreat where they escape to watch their collection of Bond films and live with nature in the pastoral setting of Leicester. More on this coming next week._X2A7497

For more information on the photographic work of Parker Pfister visit his website.

Parker Pfister

Kelly and I met photographer Parker Pfister at a Modern Mixer we hosted at one of our mid-century, real estate listings a couple of years back and became a big fan of his personally and professionally. Naturally, I could only think of him when it came time for Kelly and I to do some marketing photos for our new team. We met Parker at the RanParker Pfisterkin Lofts located between our office and his studio for a misty morning of photo play. The experienced reinforced how easy he is to work with and what can happen when you leave an artist to lead the way. Kelly caught this panoramic shot of Parker in action. We are looking forward to working with him on some special projects in the near future. If interested in knowing more about Parker and his work please visit his website or make an appointment to visit his studio in downtown.

Graphic Elements

Bob Pazden captures Hoss Haley’s “Radius” show at Blue Spiral

Photographer Bob Pazden’s eye is drawn to graphic elements such as pattern, color, line, shape and form.  Which is the reason artist Hoss Haley calls Bob when he wants his work professionally documented.  Hoss’s creations have a quiet, graphic strength to them while Bob likes to quietly connect with what he is photographing.  Bob says, “Whether he is photographing architecture or people he is drawn to details and intimate experiences.”

Hoss Haley currently has a one man show at the Blue Spiral gallery on Biltmore Ave. in Asheville.  In his artwork he uses concrete, steel and bronze to create two and three-dimensional artworks.  Favoring industrial materials and fabrication methods reminiscent of his past working on machinery in the west, his paintings and sculptures explore the use of forms, lines, surfaces and textures.

Hoss says, “We strive to bring our vision of order and progress to the world; but as quickly as our monuments beginning to dot the landscape, they are reclaimed by the forces of nature that we can never control.  I find great beauty in this inevitable contrast.  That is why I like to use steel.  It rusts; it shows age; it deteriorates.”  Bob took notice of the rich rust color and how it radiates off of the white walls of the gallery space.

One of my personal favorite pieces at the show was Hoss’s version of a big spiral-graph machine that etched through enamel coated steel to leave a pattern that is both geometric and organic.

Hoss was one of the select artists whose work went public in Pack Square.  This rhythmic trellis that helps tie together the two government buildings reflects the mountains scene behind. Below are a few detail shots of the trellis at night.  While photographing Hoss Haley’s artist constructions Bob captures graphic compositions and creates new pieces of art with his camera.

Photographs by Bob Pazden (www.bobpazden.com), Article by Troy Winterrowd