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The Ramble Preview Center


I took some time to explore the Ramble Preview Center on Sunday. I know it is one of Kelly’s favorite buildings here, but somehow I have failed to visit until now. After spending some intimate time with it I can see why it is so highly regarded. It is a perfect blend of forest meets mountain meets modern with a bit of Asian IMG_3120craftsmanship thrown in. As I have been working to define a Modern Asheville vernacular this helps me get there.

The building was designed and constructed as a partnership between local designers at Samsel Architects and Seattle based Cutler Anderson. The preview center was created to challenge the audience to rethink the concept of historical integration by echoing the philosophies of its founder, rather than the literal repetition of hundred year old design originated by the Vanderbilts. Attention to craftsmanship is present throughout from construction joints to stonework.Ramble Comp

While the building and its details are inspiring, I was also struck at the conscious choices of art and furnishings. The thoughtful blend in modern and traditional furnishings plays lightly in the environment providing luxury that IMG_3138seems timeless. Like any site specific design not brought in from elsewhere combined with traditional and modern design elements the building and site have an overall timeless quality. Design and Timelessness are smart messages to send to the real estate audience looking at The Ramble as their future home.

For you Kelly….Enjoy!


Mountain Modern + Sustainability = Award Winner

Samsel Architects win Gold Award with Celo House

EcoHouse Magazine singled out five homes nationally including one right here in Asheville. The contest judges especially liked the pairing of energy technology with the use of natural materials inside and outside a 1,538-square-foot home in Celo, N.C.

The house won praise for tree preservation; rainwater storage for irrigation; pervious walkways, patio and driveway to control water runoff; and the use of drought-resistant plants. The home also features sustainability-certified wood shingles and locally harvested stone.

The home’s walls are filled with spray-foam insulation and the windows and doors use low-e (low thermal emissivity), argon-filled glass.

It was designed by Samsel Architects, Asheville, N.C.; it was built by Sunspace Homes, Burnsville, N.C.

Article portion courtesy of Inman News’ Mary Umberger; Photo courtesy of David Dietrich Photography