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the Sinclair | Modern Urban Luxe

Sinclair-Ext-19-yes-all_squareYesterday, we were able to sneak in a quick, private peak of the swanky, new temporary stay units at 59 Broadway downtown know as the Sinclair. Wow! We were super impressed with the level of sophisticated design and detailing. The warm European style interiors blended light industrial touches with clean Danish modern textures and just a bit of mid-century thrown in. Overall, it was very mindfully put together. The vision was pulled together by a team of people including the owners and designer Traci Kearns of Alchemy Design. Cheers to the team!Sinclair 02

Want to stay? Find the details here. We know some clients who will be booking this today upon seeing this. Yes…you know who you are!Sinclair Bottom


Alchemy Design Studio

indexImageOn Tuesday I finally had the opportunity to sit down with Traci Kearns of Alchemy Design to get to know her and her team’s work. In Asheville speak, we seemed to share the same art & design vibrational frequency swapping opinions on design clients, new construction in Asheville and the work of artists such as  George Peterson. I’ll be visiting one of her projects next month to see more of her modern design work first hand. In the meantime take time to get to know her by visiting here.