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The Hammock House

A Newly Completed Project by Samsel ArchitectsHammock-House-Sheep-Farm-Exterior-1200x720

Kelly and I have been watching the progress of this home from a distance. From the first concept sketch we have been fascinated by the simplicity and the romance of the pastoral environment. We are so excited to see the final product unveiled. Cheers to the Samsel team for such an appropriate and refined design! Now enjoy a few words from Samsel Architects. Hammock-House-Concept-to-Completion

Hammocks and an ancient oak tree were the organizing influences to the design of this modern pavilion home. The Hammock House sits on a 40-acre farm in Columbus, NC with several spectacular old growth oak trees, an existing barn, pastures and distant views to Tryon Peak. To take advantage of the dramatic oak trees, we carefully located the house on the land and oriented the living spaces around the tree locations.Hammock-House-Studio-Exterior-1200x720

The programming and space planning required unique design solutions based around our client’s close-knit extended family. The wife’s parents are also full-time residences in the home so designing the right balance of shared and private spaces for four adults was key to a high functioning design. The husband’s extended family comes to visit from South America for extended stays bi-annually, so the house was designed to structurally and spatially accommodate hanging hammocks so the family can stay together on the land when visiting.Hammock-House-Final-Update-Living-1

The single pitch shed roof concept originated as a modern interpretation of the utilitarian farm structures in the area. The main entry for the hammock house is at the low point of the roof and the ceiling height and roof slowly rise as you move through the public spaces of the house. A glass window wall and screen porch create a dramatic termination of the roof line as the living spaces open up to a view of the adjacent forest.Hammock-House-Final-Update-Hammock

Samsel Architects | Modern Pavilion House

Tryon-RenderingI recently saw this project published online. Immediately, I was drawn to the updated mid-century, prairie styling. The home is being designed for a 40 acre farm in Columbus, NC with large oak trees, an existing barn, pastures and distant mountain views. I look forward to seeing this evolve. Go here for more.

Werner Haker’s “Seduction” Construction

My friend, artist and architect Werner Haker, was featured in a show this past spring at The Upstairs Artspace in Tryon.  The show was titled Seduction.  He exhibited a series of assemblages of which you can see two of in this photograph.  They are titled the small house (left) and the stone villa (right).  The two pieces are a commentary on two early projects by the architect Le Corbusier – La Petite Maison and the Villa Stein.