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70’s Style Mountain Cabin

581004-2Kelly and I toured this 70’s contemporary home on Saturday with a couple of our modern clients. It has long been one of our favorites sitting just out of reach in the hills north of Grove Park Inn. The efficient home didn’t disappoint given it’s layered, experiential layout connecting private gardens, to living spaces to treetops and the Asheville city view beyond. The IMG_8074architect, William Moore, originally built the home for himself and his wife in 1973. It was then constructed for $42,000. Moore was the designer for the IMG_8073Unitarian Church on Charlotte St near the Grove Park Inn.

Southern Living Magazine originally published the design and plans of the home. Following, publication he sold plans to many others who wanted to create this simple living space for themselves. The home showcases one of his signature design features of a dominate roof. He told me, “Roofs are traditionally cheaper to maintain and replace.” So he dedicates maximum square footage to the roof in containing interior spaces.